Sonic x Shadow Generations is 2024's most surprising LGBTQ+ game

Sonic x Shadow Generations is 2024's most surprising LGBTQ+ game
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8th Feb 2024 12:34

When you tend to think of LGBTQ+ characters in video games, the likes of The Last of Us' Ellie, Borderlands' Sir Hammerlock, Overwatch's Tracer, and Apex Legends' Gibraltar likely come to mind. Even Trevor from GTA V flies the rainbow flag. Chances are, Sonic the Hedgehog doesn't immediately jump to mind, and why would he?

Unlike Mario having the hots for Princess Peach or Link ogling Zelda, Sonic's platonic relationship with Amy Rose never gave any clues about who he was interested in. However, the release of Sonic x Shadow Generations suggests he could be exploring his sexuality. Cue all the typical complaints that Sonic has gone 'woke.'

Sonic x Shadow Generations could be a surprise LGBTQ+ game

Sonic x Shadow Generations LGBTQ+ on Steam
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Image via Steam

The surprise announcement of Sonic x Shadow Generations just got even more surprising, as The Gamer has spotted it could be an LGBTQ+ game. Those who've played 2011's Sonic Generations will know there weren't any gay themes, but with the addition of Shadow in the 2024 remake, it's raised a few eyebrows.

Over on Steam, Sonic x Shadow Generations has been tagged as an LGBTQ+ game, and what's more, it's the title's most popular tag. This means Sonic x Shadow Generations is currently more known as an LGBTQ+ game than it is as "Action" or "Platformer."

At the time of writing, Sonic x Shadow Generations is in good company among the likes of the Our Life: Beginnings & Always visual novel and Life is Strange: True Colors. Ironically, the romance options of The Sims 4 mean its Werewolves Game Pack is also in the LGBTQ+ category. 

As anyone can tag any game with any category, it's likely someone is just having a little fun with Sonic x Shadow Generations, although this is sure to stir the pot about the blue blur's sexuality. As the game is coming out later this year, who knows, Sonic and Shadow could be star-crossed lovers in the 2024 update. 

The LGBTQ+ history of Sonic the Hedgehog

Whisper and Tangle Sonic comic
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Image via IDW Publishing

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Even if Sonic and Shadow might not be putting their differences aside and admitting their love for each other, the Sonic games do have some LGBTQ+ history. Although not officially part of canon, the IDW Sonic comic characters of Tangle and Whisper are lesbians.

Comic and Sonic Frontiers writer Ian Flynn said on Twitter, "the majority" of those who worked on the characters assume they're lesbians. Sadly, he says he can't outright say it and doesn't "want folks disappointed if something changes down the line." Still, that won't stop us from shipping Whispangle. 

Flynn has also previously confirmed Sally Acorn is bisexual and Nicole the Holo-Lynx is a lesbian, while Don the Rooster is canonically gay, and a 25th-anniversary comic suggests that Amy is a bisexual icon who has feelings for Blaze. 

Like so many gaming franchises, the video game world of Sonic has been pretty slow on the uptake of LGBTQ+ representation, so you never know, Sonic x Shadow Generations could see our titular hog coming out of the closet after 34 years. 

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