Sonic Frontiers 2 reportedly in development

Sonic Frontiers 2 reportedly in development
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22nd Apr 2024 11:54

The Blue Blur is apparently racing back into action, as reports claim that Sonic Frontiers 2 could be on the way from Sonic Team. Despite 2022's Sonic Frontiers failing to set the world alight, news of a sequel will undoubtedly be met with plenty of fanfare, especially considering Sonic is SEGA's mascot.

Following 2017's Sonic Forces, SEGA was struggling to see where the series would go next. Frontiers adapted that classic Sonic gameplay with open-world mechanics, and while it was let down by technical glitches and failing to fully populate its open-world credentials, there was an immersive story with more than enough scope for a sequel.

Sonic Frontiers 2 reportedly on the way

According to insider DanielRPK, Sonic Frontiers 2 is apparently on the way. Fellow insider Midori has corroborated the news, suggesting there's more to this. Midori said, "The title is a sequel to Frontiers in gameplay style. But the name might change. Frontiers was Rangers until it was announced."

News of Frontiers 2 has gone down well on the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, with fans loving the idea that the speedy hedgehog could soon be back in business. One fan said, "A sequel to Frontiers with a higher budget, more environmental variety, and less pop-in would be amazing. I liked the game but it was really rough in some places."

Someone else added, "I always assumed open zone would be the style of the next game. If it's literally "more frontiers" I'm buying day one," while a third said, "It wasn't perfect, had some jank but it's probably the most fun Sonic game I've played in a long while that was longer than 6 hours."

Bigger and better for Sonic

Sonic running in Sonic Frontiers
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Despite Sonic Frontiers' fumbles, it was still a certified hit. Developer Yuki Takahashi said Frontiers was Sonic Team's last chance to turn things around, explaining there was "no way out" if it flopped. As the best-selling 3D entry in the Sonic series, a Frontiers sequel was always going to be an easy sell.

The Sonic name is bigger than ever right now, and branching out from the games, we've seen Paramount's movie series overtake the box office. Alongside the Knuckles TV series, Sonic 3 has just cast Keanu Reeves and looks like it'll be another hit. 

After Frontiers bowed out with its Final Horizon DLC, there were questions about where the series would go next. We always knew Sonic was going to return in some form, but a full-blown sequel has the chance to improve where Sonic Frontiers stumbled.

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