Sonic Frontiers to finally add iconic move in next update

Sonic Frontiers to finally add iconic move in next update
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10th Apr 2023 10:34

Sonic Frontiers feels much like it's been and gone for the most part, but there are dedicated fans of the franchise still giving it its flowers.

We shouldn't expect any less of Sonic fans, as they're pretty intense at the best of times (a brief horrifying Google search with the safe search off will make that clear), but with Frontiers pushing many boundaries that the series hasn't yet touched, players have been all over it, with many serious fans refusing to pack it in before reaching that coveted 100%.

But it looks like there's much more content to come, as one of the game's senior staff members has suggested that an iconic move is yet to appear in the game.

Sonic Frontiers seems set to introduce the spin dash

As pointed out by the Sonic and all Characters Twitter account, it has been confirmed by one of the senior members of Sonic Team that Frontiers will be getting the Spin Dash move in the next update set to come to the game.

It's a big surprise that the move didn't appear in the game in the first place, but at the very least, it's on its way.

Responding to a fan asking about the move, President of Sonic Team Morio Kishimoto says "actually, we tried to include it in the first update, but we decided that it didn't meet everyone's expectations, so we're improving the degree of perfection for the second update."

But that's not all he revealed.

Sonic Team's President addresses Chao Garden rumours

Fans have wondered if Sonic Adventure 2's Chao Garden could be making a return to Frontiers, as it has been widely acknowledged that it would suit the game's open world nicely - and though Kishimoto agrees, we might not be getting it so soon.

"This is a part that I thought about many times during the production of the main story," he says, responding to a fan asking after the Chaos. "It's difficult with the scale of the update, but I also hope that there will be a chance to create an environment that we can actively consider in the next game."

It looks like there's plenty of excitement to come for Sonic fans, even if the last game should have launched with it. Better late than never.

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