Skyrim Player Trapped With Headless Dragonborn

Skyrim Player Trapped With Headless Dragonborn
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Joseph Kime


14th Jul 2022 12:37

Skyrim has been around for so long that some players could walk from Whiterun to Riften with their eyes closed - that could come in handy if you don't have a head with a pair of eyes in it. The fantasy epic is an icon for a reason, with the world of Tamriel perhaps standing as one of the most recognisable regions in all of gaming, let alone the fantasy genre.

It's certainly a big deal, and the efforts by Bethesda to port the game to any device with a screen seems to be paying off. Players keep restarting the game to experience the story of the Dragonborn time and time again. Sadly, one player has run into something of a roadblock. Which is probably putting it lightly.

How Did One Skyrim Player Lose Their Head?

A peculiar bug has appeared in Skyrim, which shows off one player's misfortune in losing their head completely. A new post in the Skyrim subreddit has shown that user BlazerOnReddit's head is completely missing from his Dragonborn's model.

While you might think is a temporary thing, this player's head simply hasn't returned yet - making for a freaky experience.  "My player got decapitated and now I don't know how to fix it," reads the caption, along with the pic of the character who - you guessed it - just doesn't have a head.

By now, you've likely heard all about Skyrim's Headless Horseman or the more recent glitch that added a second one to the game. Surprisingly, this latest headless glitch isn't entirely new. In fact, there are actually a number of reasons that this could have happened.


Is Skyrim's Headless Dragonborn Due To Cheating?

This is a glitch that has appeared before, and it's most likely because the player was trying to use a cheat or mod that kept them from taking any damage. Because the player model isn't immune to actual injury, the player must have had its head lopped off in combat while the game let them carry on playing.

So, it looks like the loss of the Dragonborn's head wasn't as innocent as it seemed in the first place. As an added kick in the teeth, they're likely going to have to revert to an old save in which the character actually has their head. Otherwise, they might have some trouble shouting... because they don't have a head. We'll see ourselves out.

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