Skyrim Player 'One-Bombs' Alduin - No Mods Involved

Skyrim Player 'One-Bombs' Alduin - No Mods Involved

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Jack Marsh


10th Sep 2021 12:32

Good old Skyrim cheese is sometimes a glorious thing to witness - no, not the wheels of goat cheese you're provided with as part of your 50k refurbishments to the Whiterun Breezehome, but the other version of cheese: distortion.

Rather than downloading an array of mods that makes your PC scream Fos Du Raaaaaah on every load, sometimes the basic manipulation of Skyrim's rough edges is something to admire.

Now, one Elder Scrolls fanatic has exaggerated the game's finer details to make a build capable of being a cross between Mike Tyson and Dragonborn.

Skyrim Player Forges Deadlies Gauntlets Ever (without modding)

With a never-ending array of armour choices to choose from in Skyrim that will compliment a specific game style, players often go to great lengths to defy the logic of Tamriel and become a game-breaking force.

Whether that's as a sneaky elven archer with level 100 Sneak and Pickpocketing to creep your way through the main quest, or a majestic mage that makes all beasts flee in absolute skin-shedding fear, players are always looking to get the upper hand in the most creative ways.

Now, one player has made the deadliest set of Steel Gauntlets yet, but only if you crave a good old fistfight. Through an exploit, a high level of enchanting, and an endless supply of black soul stones, Reddit user "BotBoy6464" managed to add a bonus of 3,665,604 damage to unarmed strikes on his armour.

The player admitted that the gauntlets were created with no mods involved, rather just a repeated use of a "fortify restoration" exploit.

Skyrim Player Kills Alduin In One Punch

With over three million bonus damage per punch, the user admitted that he used the glitched armour to take down the "final boss" in a single dig to his scaled chin. 

Despite a Voldemort-esque level of respect by not speaking Alduin's name, the user took one uppercut to the dragon to end the main quest. Paarthanaux's fate is unclear, too, although you have to possess questionable morals to continue listening to those dastardly Blades.

Referring to himself as "One Punch Boy", I feel for the guards who recognise the Dragonborn after being enrolled into the Thieves Guild.

Maybe he could do us all a favour and give Nazeem a good old pat on the back too...


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