Call of Duty is now in Skyrim

Call of Duty is now in Skyrim
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Jack Marsh


6th Jun 2023 12:35

With the CMA blocking Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Activision, we thought it might be some time before we'd start to see crossovers between the Xbox owners' collection of games and the Call of Duty franchise.

But as Microsoft launched its official appeal to the decision - which has been approved in other regions - it now seems like we've had the first collaboration.

In the most bizarre circumstances, Call of Duty is now in Skyrim, as the Dragonborn is swapping his Ebony Battleaxe out for a Tommy Gun.

Skyrim modders are adding Call of Duty guns as weapons

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One of the most difficult things in Skyrim is picking your build. Whether you love the sneaky archer approach with the Nightingale armour, being a master at pickpocketing and magic with archmages robes, or being a straight-up brute with the most ripped-out heavy armour, there are so many ways of building your character.

But now, players are fastening up some light bulletproof armour and army bowl-head helmets and modding in guns to bring Call of Duty into the mythical world of Tamriel.

YouTube account Roman Legionary has now shown off a mod that adds a list of automatic weapons into Skyrim, including the fabled STG-44 and PPSh-41.

Call of Duty weapons are clearing out Skyrim dungeons

Instead of baiting out mages with a bow and arrow before tackling bandits with swords and shields, the YouTube account has decided to use Call of Duty guns to blast through dungeons - easily taking out some quite strong foes and making light work of others.

A full list of guns includes the DP-28, Kar98k, MP-40, Model 24, M91, PPSh-41, Panzerschreck, STG-44, and the SVT-40, which offers a range of rifles, shotguns, snipers, and rocket launchers to deal with Skyrim's pesky and lawless inhabitants.

Even if Microsoft does get its Activision acquisition over the line, it's doubtful that we'll ever get an actual Elder Scrolls and Call of Duty crossover. However, if we can get Crash Bandicoot items in Modern Warfare 2, then there's hope that this mod could spark Bethesda and Activision to work together. 

We just want out Dragonborn Warzone operator now...

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