Silent Hill: The Short Message Revealed As New Game

Silent Hill: The Short Message Revealed As New Game
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Tom Chapman


26th Sep 2022 11:47

Silence may be golden, but now it's been broken. After what seems like an eternity of waiting, Konami's Silent Hill series is ready to scream loudly once again. If you're ready, Silent Hill: The Short Message is apparently on the way. 

It's been a decade since Silent Hill: Downpour saw the franchise limp to a disappointing end, and although there was the promising Silent Hills, that all came crashing down with the P.T. demo and Hideo Kojima leaving Konami for Kojima Productions. We've heard a lot about a new Silent Hill, and although most have been a bust, this looks like the real deal.

What Is Silent Hill: The Short Message?

As reported by GematsuSilent Hill: The Short Message has been given an age rating. The announcement comes via the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea, which also confirms the title. There are currently no platforms listed, so we're in the dark about what Silent Hill: The Short Message is.

The game's publisher is listed as "Uniana," but as the site reminds us, it has regularly published Konami games like eFootball in Korea. Given that Konami has gained a reputation for ditching its legacy IPs in favour of pachinko machines, we wouldn't be surprised if Silent Hill: The Short Message is just another pachinko. 

Annoyingly, the listing for Silent Hill: The Short Message doesn't give away any details on plot, characters, or even violence levels. The Silent Hill games have gained quite the legacy in the survival horror genre, so we're guessing there will be plenty of blood and guts splashed across our screens.


When Will We Know More About Silent Hill: The Short Message?

Silent Hill revival
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Opinions were rightly split on what The Short Message will be. Despite hopes it's the series' long-awaited return to form, not everyone was convinced. One critic wrote, "Calling it now, it's either a mobile game or a game like Dead by Daylight." Another added, "Considering how bad luck the silent hill saga has, this is probably another product, like a tv series or a movie," while a third said, "Konami would have to produce like, 5 banger Silent Hill titles in a row to make up for the last decade at this point."

Noted leaker Nibel said that they've heard about a playable demo in the vein of P.T., so we could be testing out The Short Message sooner rather than later. Remember, we've heard a lot about multiple Silent Hill games, with a possible Silent Hill 2 remake fitting alongside a PlayStation 5-exclusive title. A PlayStation showcase could be on the horizon, and with the franchise's previous ties to Sony, it could be one to watch.

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