PlayStation-Exclusive Silent Hill Images Leaked On Twitter

PlayStation-Exclusive Silent Hill Images Leaked On Twitter
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Tom Chapman


13th May 2022 08:55

We know we write a lot about Silent Hill revival and Konami's sadly dormant franchise, but for once, it looks like there's some actual evidence a new one is on the way. While we normally take these sorts of leaks with a pinch of salt, you're going to need enough salt to fill that tormented town for this one.

Back in '90s and '00s, Silent Hill was THE defining horror. Sure, Resident Evil had shuffling zombies and evil corporations, but in terms of blood-pumping frights, Silent Hill had its competitor licked. Sadly, from the highs of Silent Hill 2, things started to slip. By the time we got into Silent Hill: Downpour 2012, it was a far cry from baffling endings with adorable Shibas. 

What's The Silent Hill Leak?

By now, you've all heard the tragedy of Silent Hills and Hideo Kojima's canned project that kicked the bucket in 2015. To this day, we're haunted by Norman Reedus' likeness and what could've brought the slithering series back to the mainstream. Since then, there have been reports of multiple games, Konami working with Sony on a reboot, and even the out-there that Kojima could pick up the reins once again.

The latest leaks from known leaker Dusk Golem - and it has cost them dearly. The gaming insider posted a series of screenshots on Twitter, supposedly showing off a new Silent Hill game. We won't post them here, but if you want to see what's going on (we know you do), they've been preserved on the Silent Hill subreddit.

It's hard to decipher what these images show, but one appears to feature a room full of rubbish. The second has a woman with bits of paper attached to her face. The graphics are suitably glossy, meaning it looks a bit like a Silent Hill and Ghostwire Tokyo crossover. It's all very Silent Hill-esque and captures the aesthetic of the games, but is it the real deal?

Is This Leak The Real Deal?

It's hard to determine whether this is real or an elaborate hoax, but mentions of SMS messages are interesting considering it's something we've heard before. Back in 2019, God of War Ragnarok writer Alanah Pearce said that Silent Hills wanted you to sign a waiver because you'd get real-life texts from characters to make an immersive experience. Even though we doubt Silent Hills is coming back in its true form, some of its ideas could live on.

Dusk Golem currently has had their account suspended, suggesting there's more to it. Why would Konami go to the effort of issuing a copyright strike if this isn't legitimate? Note, the images apparently come from 2020, meaning it might not reflect what's currently going on - if anything is happening at all. Finally, Dusk dropped a final snippet on ResetEra, with claims Sony is working on the new Silent Hill. Remembering the series found its debut on the PlayStation, things could be coming full circle. Prepare your Pyramid Head cosplay.


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