Gaming Insider Admits To Making Up New Silent Hill Rumour

Gaming Insider Admits To Making Up New Silent Hill Rumour
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Tom Chapman


22nd Sep 2022 16:47

There's an awkward silence in the gaming world right now, as those rumours of a new Silent Hill game have just been hushed. For what seems like an eternity, we've heard whispers of multiple Silent Hill games being in the works, and while some of them might be true, others have just been outed as a hoax.

These days, Konami has become known for letting its IPs fall from grace, with the big three of Silent HillMetal Gear, and Castlevania all vanishing into obscurity. Of these, it's probably Silent Hill that's had the biggest tumble - especially when you remember that whole P.T./Silent Hills debacle. We guess Silent Hill will be resurrected someday, but it's not likely to be soon.

Who Faked The Silent Hill Leaks?

If you've been keeping up, you'll know that Metal Gear and Silent Hill are continuously mentioned in leaks of revivals/remakes. Prominent leaker TheRealInsider had (emphasis on the had) a solid track record of correctly "predicting" upcoming releases, so when they said we're getting a new Silent Hill, many believed it.

There's a small problem though. TheRealInsider has just been exposed as YouTuber DanAllenGaming, who was recently outed as someone breaking NDAs and embargos to gain clout from his followers. Allen has the inside track after being invited to industry events, but in a cruel twist of fate, it turns out he made up the Metal Gear and Silent Hill news.

In a video titled "Im Sorry," Allen fessed up about the whole sorry mess. Buried in his apology, Allen admitted that his Silent Hill leak was all "bullsh*t." Explaining what happened, Allen said,"I mentioned Silent Hill and [a] Metal Gear Solid remake, and I can say that there was no NDAs involved there because it's all bullsh*t. he continued, "It's all lies, bullshit secondhand comments. Half the posts were educated guesses."


Are More Silent Hill Games On The Way?

Silent Hill 2
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After being slammed by gamers and journalists alike, Allen has gone on to deactivate both his personal Twitter and TheRealInsider. So, where does this leave our favourite tormented town? Thankfully, Allen isn't the only one to give the nod toward a Silent Hill comeback. Last year, Dusk Golem spoke about a supposed PS5 Silent Hill and a multi-platform release.

While it's disappointing that Allen has been outed as a fraud, there are plenty of other "leaks" about Silent Hill 2 remake and new-gen franchise revival. The problem is, now that Allen has been called to task, it has us wondering how many more fraudsters there are out there... making up gaming news just for the clout and clicks. 

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