Silent Hill Movie Reboot Could Launch in 2023

Silent Hill Movie Reboot Could Launch in 2023
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10th Jun 2022 16:46

While Silent Hill might be staying "silent" in the world of video games, it could be ready to shout louder than ever in the medium of live-action movies. In a time that everything from The Last of Us to God of War, Sonic the Hedgehog to Resident Evil (again) makes the leap from console, Silent Hill could be ready for its long-awaited return.

Much like how Konami's horror franchise of the same name has slipped to the back of our minds, who really remembers 2006's Silent Hill or 2012's Silent Hill: Revelation? Despite an impressive cast that includes the likes of Sean Bean, Carrine-Anne Moss, and Malcolm McDowell both movies were panned critically and commercially.

Director teases new Silent Hill movie reboot

Silent Hill Movie 2006
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For once, we aren't writing about rumours that Konami or Kojima are working on an equally long-awaited reboot of the games. There's something ironic in the fact that after Silent Hills was canned, the last Silent Hill game was also back in 2012.

Speaking to Jeux Video (via VGC), director Cristophe Gans explained how a third movie will be on the way. We can't really call it Silent Hill 3, because according to Gans, it'll be a reboot that won't be connected to the previous two outings. "There were the Covid-19 years which finally forced us to stay home," said Gans

"I took the opportunity to write two scripts, [including] the script for a new Silent Hill movie that is totally independent from the two previous movies made and respects the way Silent Hill has evolved." As for what the new Silent Hill reboot movie will be about, Gans explained, "Most of the time, these are stand-alone stories. Silent Hill is a bit like The Twilight Zone, the fourth dimension, a place where anything and everything can happen."

Silent Hill Movie 2012
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The question on everyone's lips is when this mythical movie could launch. "I worked on a new Silent Hill which is a Silent Hill of the year 2023 – because the film would be released next year – and not a Silent Hill as I imagined it in 2006," said Gans. "It is a Silent Hill for today’s audiences while being ultra respectful of the saga."

The problem is, no one can quite figure out whether Gans' mention of 2023 means the movie is still scheduled to come out next year or he's just written the storyline as if it's set in 2023. He also admitted that the horror genre has come a long way since 2006, saying he wants to take "what"s most original and amazing" in more recent horror movies. For now, though, Gans' movie script falls into limbo alongside the various whispers of multiple Silent Hills games and remakes. 

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