Alien: Isolation Collector’s Edition blows Switch fans away

Alien: Isolation Collector’s Edition blows Switch fans away
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27th Apr 2023 16:45

Something is scuttling through the vents, so grab your flamethrower, the ship's cat, and run for the escape pod. An Alien: Isolation Collector's Edition is officially on the way, as one of the best horror games ever gets rescued from the icy depths of space.

Alien games are a dime a dozen, and while we're still yet to see someone make a game that does James Cameron's Aliens justice (not you, Colonial Marines), you don't get closer to the aesthetic of Ridley Scott's 1979 horror than Alien: Isolation

What is the Alien: Isolation Collector's Edition?

Just when you thought the announcement of a Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition was the most exciting reveal from Limited Run Games this week, the publisher went and confirmed the Alien: Isolation Colelctor's Edition

Nintendo's family-friendly image means it isn't exactly known for porting horror games, hence why we waited so long for Resident Evil Village to arrive on the Switch. When Alien: Isolation made its long-awaited Switch debut in 2019, fans were disappointed it was only on the eShop.

Giving you something to proudly display on your shelves, Limited Run Games is releasing a $139.99 collector's edition. If you don't want to stump up for the full price, there's a Classic Edition costing $74.99, or Standard Edition for $39.99.

We're (obviously) lured in by the Alien: Isolation Collector's Edition, which includes a physical copy of the game on Nintendo Switch, all seven DLCs, a VHS-style box, art cards, patches, and a gnarly Sevastopol Station replica.

There's plenty to unpack here, and if you haven't played the DLCs, we highly recommend the "Last Survivor" DLC that ties into the events of Scott's original movie. The Classic Edition is missing the likes of the Sevastopol replica, while the Standard Edition is the game and its DLCs. 

Will there be an Alien: Isolation sequel?

Alien: Isolation gameplay 2014
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Creative Assembly

We'd love to think a resurgence in love for those face-hugging horrors could spur Creative Assembly into making an Isolation sequel - after all, there's plenty of Amanda Ripley's story to tell.

Sadly, we've largely parked our hopes of seeing Ellen Ripley's daughter return in video game form. Creative Assembly has seemingly moved on from Alien: Isolation, and despite various whispers of Alien: Isolation 2, it likely won't come from the original team.

Creative Assembly honed the horror with the OG Alien: Isolation, and if we're going to get a cheap sequel to cash on the IP, we say maybe it's best to blast Alien: Isolation 2 out of the airlock. Oh well, at least we'll have the Collector's Edition to enjoy.

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