A Terrifier 2 Video Game Is Officially On The Way

A Terrifier 2 Video Game Is Officially On The Way
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21st Nov 2022 14:21

Terrifier 2 was a headline for a lot of reasons. Art the Clown is an antagonist to make your skin crawl and it's a sequel that doubles down on its concepts to such a degree that it has become more popular than its predecessor already.

Mostly though, people have been drawn to Terrifier 2 for its gore. Because it's intense. The film is gnarly as all hell, with one scene seeing Art peel someone's scalp clean off. It's deeply unsettling, but for those who live for gruesome and uncompromising horror, it's an absolute treat.

It's clear that the viscera of the Terrifier name doesn't have to be relegated to the cinema, because it seems that talks are well underway to bring Art the Clown to the world of video games.

Is A Terrifier Video Game On The Way?

A Terrifier 2 Video Game Is Officially On The Way
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Bloody Disgusting

Terrifier 2 Director Damien Leone recently sat down for a chat with GamingBible and suggested that talks are actually underway for an adaptation of Terrifer to come to the gaming world.

Leone said he's immensely keen for Art the Clown to make the transition from cinematic killer to an AI assassin. "In a heartbeat," Leone said when asked if he'd like to see a Terrifier video game.

Explaining what's going on, Leone added, "We've already been approached by a company two months ago that was interested in creating a game and we said 100%." Exciting.

It's a great suggestion, and one that would make for a Manhunt 2-grade gore fest. Don't worry, though, as Leone has some ideas about what he'd like to see from the game.

Terrifier 2 Director Wants A Friday the 13th Style Game

"I'd love to have it laid out like the Friday the 13th game," continues Leone. "That would be amazing. We can either be Art the Clown or you could be the victim.

"Who wouldn't love to go in, love to be in that world for a couple hours? I mean that's so fun. That's so terrifying." We suppose that comment helps to make sense of the title, so cheers for that, Damien.

An asymmetrical horror game with the gnarly and schlocky gore of Terrifier would be fantastic. It's exactly what horror fans need from the offerings of video games. We'll be first in line for it.

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