Saints Row Players Are Worried The Latest Game Has Killed The Franchise

Saints Row Players Are Worried The Latest Game Has Killed The Franchise
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Joseph Kime


24th Aug 2022 10:13

Saints Row is out. That's one of the few nice things we can say about it. The release of the franchise "reboot" came with a tootle rather than a big blast. Critics have absolutely obliterated the game for being a buggy and unfinished retread of old ideas.

Although our own review was a little more forgiving, the wider gaming world hasn't exactly welcomed Santo Ileso with open arms. And now, fans are worried that the series, which so many have loved for so long, could finally have seen its final adventure.

Saints Row Is A Buggy Disaster

For many, the recent reviews and gameplay for Saints Row have done a lot to work against the franchise at large. Rightly so, they're concerned that this reboot could spell the end of the series. Although we shouldn't give up hope, it's not unheard of for one bad egg to sink an entire franchise. 

It's mainly the bugs that are teasing fans to bits, and it's forcing them to realise that the game simply isn't finished. As players share their experiences online, others are beginning to realise that this disaster could spell the end of Saints Row. For good.

The state of the game is incredibly rough, and given the sheer sum of bugs littered through the game, it has joined the long list of games that have launched unfinished - we're looking at you Cyberpunk 2077. Saints Row is in desperate need of a tidy-up, but even if it gets a massive overhaul, there's every chance that the damage has been done to the overall Saints Row name

Is Saints Row Done For?

When one fan/critic shared a meme of Saints Row joining forgotten favourites like Bully. Others quickly jumped on the bandwagon. "Yep I was cautiously optimistic for this game. They either need to do a good reboot or let it die. This is not Saints Row or at least not the Saints Row I loved," said one. Another added, "I think the dlc might save it but in its current state ya not much going on for the wait we had," while a third abruptly wrote, "Actually, the series was dead when SR3 came out."

Fans are incredibly worried about the state of the series going forward - but truth be told, the game's future depends entirely on sales. Such is the case in the gaming industry, and even though the bugs and critical reception will play a part in the game's sales, 2022's Saints Row could still perform well enough to give it another crack somewhere down the line. Either way, though, it's an alarming start for a supposed Saints Row reboot. This could be it - but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Joseph Kime
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