Saints Row Is Being Obliterated By Critics

Saints Row Is Being Obliterated By Critics
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23rd Aug 2022 10:12

There was a lot resting on Saints Row. The 2022 game acts as a reboot to the series after its fourth entry and subsequent Gat Out of Hell DLC spin-off failed to make an impact with long-term fans of the series.

This new game promised to revamp the Saints Row experience. And to be fair, with the trailers and features we were shown, we were half inclined to believe Deep Silver Volition when it said this could be a new dawn. But as it turns out, it isn't. Oh god, it really isn't.

What Are Critics Saying About Saints Row?

Saints Row Is Being Obliterated By Critics
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The review embargo lift of Saints Row was a dramatic moment to be on Twitter, as reviews began to pour out with disdain. Our very own review wasn't particularly favourable, despite the fact that there's a lot to love about how it replicates its past - but the wider gaming world has responded to the title with upturned noses.

Saints Row is currently sat at a 64 on review aggregation site Metacritic or PS5, which is an incredibly rough marker for a series that has sat at around a 70 at the very worst in the past. The game isn't being received well, with Inverse calling it a "middling experience" and Ars Technica suggesting that it is "beyond redemption." 

T3 barged in and said, "Torn between two identities, Saints Row is a misjudged attempt at reinventing the series." However, possibly the most scathing comes from VGC, which writes: "It’s a below average open world game that’s stuffed to bursting with bugs, and the best thing we can say about it is that making our Tobias Fünke-inspired character crouch over and do the w****r gesture while he walked down the street made us laugh. Probably not quite worth the price of admission."


When Is Saints Row Coming Out?


If you wanted to take Saints Row for a spin yourself in spite of its critical reception, then we've got good news for you - because it's already waiting for you. Saints Row actually came out today (August 23), so if you head down to your local gaming retailer, chances are, they'll have it ready for you.

The game hasn't exactly been met with the most love, which is a huge disappointment for the franchise that hoped this would be a fresh start for the long-running Saints Row series. Who knows, a sequel could still be on the horizon if it sells well, but for now, we'll just have to wait and see. Even though Saints Row has taken a beating, that doesn't make it an immediate failure. It falls to fans to show up and give the game a go themselves to determine its future - so maybe you'll be a determining factor in its success. No pressure.

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