People Won't Stop Making Morbius In The Saints Row Boss Factory

People Won't Stop Making Morbius In The Saints Row Boss Factory
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13th Jun 2022 11:41

Character creation is one of the most important parts of a lot of games. After all, video games are about escapism and living out specific fantasies - so there's no better way of getting started with it than by creating yourself, or your very own character, from the ground up for the experience.

Whether you've created a version of yourself for The Sims or a Peter Griffin lookalike in the Wii's Mii creator, you'll understand how much fun it is to make characters as bizarre or realistic as you'd like - and Saints Row is following suit with some bizarre character creation choices. But players seem to have but one focus. Morbius.

Why Do Fans Keep Making Morbius In Saints Row?

It hasn't stopped being Morbin' time, clearly, as players can't help themselves but to recreate Jared Leto's Michael Morbius in the newly released Saints Row Boss Factory.

The new minigame released as part of the promotional push for Saints Row and has unleashed the game's full character creation. Boss Factory is letting players carry their creation from this teaser straight into the new upcoming game once it releases.

There are a lot of players who seemingly can't wait to take on the game as everyone's favourite vampire. Just like we had calls for a Morbius game, it's the trend that refuses to take a stake to the heart. Yes, he is everyone's favourite vampire. But, the trend doesn't end with Morbius.


Players Aren't Taking The Boss Factory Seriously

Who would have guessed that the character creator that lets you turn your skin chrome wasn't being taken seriously? Players are using Boss Factory to create Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, and more.

Who knows if players will actually make their own boss in time for Saints Row's release - but to be honest, beaming foes as Shaggy does seem much more fun. We're willing to bet that this was what Volition wanted, so Morb away, my brothers and sisters. Spread the good Morb's name.

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