Saints Row Reboot Will Include Customisable Genitals

Saints Row Reboot Will Include Customisable Genitals
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21st Apr 2022 14:31

Ever since its reveal trailer, players have been perplexed by the upcoming reboot of Saints Row. The game franchise may have begun as a Grand Theft Auto competitor, but by its third and fourth instalments, it became a parody of its own genre by dialling the daftness up to 11 - giving players the iconic dildo bat and actual superpowers to fight across a simulation of Steelport.

It took one hell of a turn, and one that players loved for the most part - but its reboot is taking a different approach. Saints Row seems to be turning down the goofiness that gave it character. Thankfully, that doesn't mean its roots won't be appearing at all.

What Is Saints Row's Customisable Censorship?

In a new video shared on YouTube, the customisation options of Saints Row have been revealed. Despite a new and more serious tone, they're remaining as extensive as they ever were. The customisation of Saints Row is getting an upgrade, while still giving players the chance to make their bodies completely chrome and decking them out in jockstraps and big socks.

New to the customisation system is censorship that you can pick out for your character's nipples and package. Cartoony icons take the place of standard pixelation, with googly eyes, cacti, eggplants and peaches among other icons to choose from.

Even though there are sure to be those that think Saints Row should just fully lean into it and give up on customisation, it's definitely more in fitting with the franchise than black bars or pixels. It's a silly addition in the spirit of the games that made Saints Row a big deal, and proof that the title isn't abandoning its roots entirely.


Saints Row Teaser Shows Off Vehicle Customisation

Saints Row Reboot Will Include Customisable Genitals
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The video goes on to flex the customisation of the game's vehicles, showing off some of Saints Row's extravagant supercars, trucks, hot rods, and helicopters. It's the sort of intricate customisation that has to be seen to be believed, but either way, it looks like this could be the most extensively changeable game the series has seen yet.

These new additions might be a little silly by themselves, but they add up to make Saints Row a new contender for a series highlight. We can't wait - even if it's unlikely we'll get our hands on the penetrator again.


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