The off-season has seen many changes to rosters ahead of the RLSS EU. Here they are in full.

14:00, 05 May 2020

After a long gap from the RLCS regional championships and three weeks of Spring Series in the other major regions, European Rocket league is back on the docket with the Spring Series qualifiers this Tuesday & Wednesday, and the $125,000 main event Saturday & Sunday. Dignitas, Renault Vitality, mousesports & FC Barcelona have already secured their spots in the main event, and with this being the start of the off-season, it is a chance for many sides to try out new rosters, even in the Championship and Rival Series. We’re here to round up the most notable new rosters for the upcoming EU Spring Series.

*Note all these new rosters are just for the Spring Series, nothing is permanent for RLCS S10

Team Singularity - Noly, Th0, [Mognus]

Team Singularity is not resting on their laurels after a very impressive start to 2020, going above and beyond to place 7th in the EU RLCS and win The European Invitational, have benched Godsmilla in favour of Mognus of former TSM & Complexity fame. The move comes as a bit of a surprise, not the fact that Godsmilla is the one outed, even he will admit his teammates are phenomenal performers, but that there’s any change at all. Given SNG’s strong end to the RLCS season, it really seemed that with the addition of Jake as a coach, the trio as is had further growth in them. However, like many sides who don’t come top four, they have changed immediately. Mognus obviously has been incredible in the past, but in 2020, he is the player with it all to prove as there are valid doubts as to whether he can keep up with Noly & Th0.

Endpoint - Virtuoso, RelatingWave, [Metsanauris]

With Endpoint being one series from demoting back to RLRS, a change here was more probable, and Nachitow finds himself the odd man out in favour of Mognus’ other half in Metsanauris. For Metsa, this is his first fresh start since joining We Dem Girlz in 2018 after being removed from Complexity, and perhaps a reset is what he needs to recapture former glories after recent seasons have been far from desirable. It’s a calculated risk to remove Nachitow in his favour, but one that is worth taking. Should he slot in well, he might very well be the piece to enable the Endpoint duo of Virtuoso & RelatingWave to reach the heights they’re very capable of hitting.

AS Monaco Esports - Extra, EyeIgnite, [Kash] / Awkward Turtles - Tahz, Mittaen, [Tigreee]

Down in RLRS, a straight swap has effectively occurred between AS Monaco and the former Notorious Legion side. This was initially started by Kash being removed from the NLE roster, parting ways with Tahz & Mittaen due to undisclosed issues and what is most certainly not due to performance on the pitch. AS Monaco then announced the departure of Tigreee and manager S1mon from the organization and stated while EyeIgnite & Extra will play in Spring Series, they will be considering all options before the next season of RLCS. With both sides looking for one on short notice, the straight swap makes sense. Monaco gets one of the top performers from last season’s RLRS, Kash, and combined with Extra & EyeIgnite it is a roster that doesn’t intend on staying in RLRS for long. Whilst Tigreee at an RLRS level is a reliable performer, and as stated by Tahz, it is a safety and comfort pick given the lateness of these roster moves. AS Monaco will most likely come out better from this swap, but Awkward Turtles is not a side to be overlooked nonetheless.

Mousesports - kuxir97, Speed, [Arju]

Yes, this technically happened over a month ago in RLCS, but officially that was Arju subbing in for Scrubkilla and not an official transfer. While the end of RLCS season nine could be argued as his pseudo tryout, Arju's on the starting roster for the Spring Series. And it’s hard not to blame Mouz for going with him. Arju had a stellar showing in RLCS, winning player of the day in the final set of league play matches and coming within one game of helping send Mouz to the European regional final. Another good showing in the Spring Series main event would almost certainly secure him an unlikely spot as a starting player for RLCS S10.

Triple Trouble - Tadpole, Bluey, [Eekso]

Up next, we have Triple Trouble, and a player Arju is all too familiar with. Rix Ronday is out, Eekso is in. Formerly of We Dem Girlz that demoted out of RLRS, Eekso is one of a plethora of up and coming UK players, and it will be interesting to see how he slots into a now all British Triple Trouble. This is a roster with three players looking to prove their worth after a disappointing last season of RLRS and time will tell if it can return the Triple Trouble name to former glories.

Girls - gReazymeister, Breezi, [Scrubkilla]

And finally is a roster that’s not in RLRS, but has names too big to ignore. Scrubkilla, despite reportedly having tryouts with RLCS sides had landed on the former We Dem Girlz duo with good friend gReazymeister and another UK starlet in Breezi. The Girls name has some success before, with Scrub & Greazy teaming up to make the Grand Finals of the 2018 2v2 Universal Open, and Scrubkilla is a very obvious upgrade over Eekso, so there is the potential for the Girls to do some damage, even if just for this event alone.

The EU Spring Series qualifiers will take place over Tuesday and Wednesday, with the main event taking place Saturday & Sunday. Stay tuned at GGRecon for all RLSS News and coverage.

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