Following their success in the Promotion tournament, British organisation Endpoint has benched Spaniard Nachitow.

14:45, 24 Apr 2020

In a surprisingly-timed announcement, Endpoint’s Spaniard Nacho “Nachitow” Gimenez has been benched by the British organisation following their Promotion Tournament success two weeks ago.

After some disappointing Play-In results with Spanish rosters over the last few seasons, Nachitow saw an incredible rise to the top of the Rocket League world with Discombobulators as he promoted to the RLCS alongside Virtuoso and RelatingWave.

Despite some promising performances against some of the best teams in the world, a close defeat to Singularity left Endpoint requiring a strong Promotion Tournament showing against some top-tier RLRS sides to ensure their survival. It took a lower-bracket final against Nachitow’s fellow Spaniards on Stonkers to ensure that survival, with the team securing their RLCS spot for another season.

The move leaves Virtuoso and RelatingWave searching for a new third shortly into the offseason. With no indication of when the next season of the RLCS is kicking off, there’s no hurry for the duo to find their new teammate. There are currently several top-tier free agents, not limited to former World Champion Kyle “Scrub” Robertson, and Endpoint will have a tough choice to face when picking out their newest arrival.


Image via Endpoint

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