Revenant ability overhaul will add Titanfall-like wall-running to Apex Legends

Revenant ability overhaul will add Titanfall-like wall-running to Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment

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Jack Marsh


13th Mar 2023 17:04

Even though Revenant is one of Apex Legends' bad guys, we do have to feel for him, at least a little bit.

Since being added to the game, he's been stomped on by Loba, died millions of times, come back to life, died a million more times, and has plummeted to one of the lowest-picked characters in the game with a mere 1.9% of Ranked players choosing him (the fourth Lowest alongside Gibraltar, Rampart, and Newcastle). 

So it's only reasonable that Revenant needs a bit of love.

Now, Respawn Entertainment appears to be giving him a helping hand and having sported his metallic look from the Hammond Robotics labs, he's going back to the garage to undergo a huge exo-suit overhaul.

Revenant set for ability overhaul in Apex Legends 

According to well-known Apex leaker Thordan Smash, a Revenant Reborn event is in the pipeline and its namesake legend will be subject to massive kit changes.

The primary ability that appears to be being changed is his death token, which instead of being an extra shot at cheating death has felt a little useless in recent months. Instead, it'll be scrapped in favour of a "Void", which will take himself and an enemy player into a makeshift Gulag-type of 1v1.

"Enemies hit with your Ultimate will be ported into the Void to fight you 1v1," reads the leaked promo cover, making him popular with skirmishers. 

It's not yet sure whether Revenant's overhaul will be introduced forever though, or just as part of a limited-time playlist under the Revenant Reborn event, where the character will be the main focus.  

Revenant Reborn is set to bring back Titanfall-like wall running

Alongside this 1v1 Void ability (his Ultimate), there will be two other ability tweaks too, and it appears his passive will bring back the Titanfall method of wall-running.

The movement mechanic was added to Apex Legends in a Halloween-themed game mode back in 2020, but was restricted to the limited-time mode and has never returned since.

According to Smash, playtesters (assuming before the mass layoffs) and other leakers have also backed this leak that Revenant's passive will be "an unlimited wall run".

So far, Revenant's passive only allows him to climb a bit further than usual legends, and this mix-up could well be something that will reignite his success in the games.

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