Resident Evil And Silent Hill Fans Argue About Which Is Scarier

Resident Evil And Silent Hill Fans Argue About Which Is Scarier
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Tom Chapman


13th Dec 2022 16:03

"Itchy, tasty" or "The fear of the blood tends to create fear for the flesh"? These two sayings will likely conjure up many a happy memory for gaming fans, but when it comes to picking between Resident Evil and Silent Hill, you're going to struggle.

While one came out in 1996 and helped kickstart our obsession with zombie games, the other clawed its way into our lives in 1999 and helped popularise the survival horror genre. Both Capcom's zombie shuffler and Konami's silent assassin have quite the legacy, but which do you think is scarier?

Which Is Scarier: Resident Evil Or Silent Hill?

One person's joke scare is another person's stroll through the Mushroom Kindom, so deciding whether Resident Evil or Silent Hill is scarier isn't that simple. Even the weaker entries have something that will scare someone, and now, the argument has spilt over onto Reddit. 

On the gaming subreddit, u/GamingGamer26 shared the horrors of the random zombie that pops up in Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2's door loading animations. Every now and then, a hungry muncher would pop up and scare the sh*t out of you.

Yeah, it's pretty terrifying, but what about your first encounter with Pyramid Head in 2001's Silent Hill 2? in response to the Resident Evil love, someone else reminded us that there was no ominous music and no cutscene: "Having the safety of the stairwell ripped out from under you with absolutely no commentary otherwise. I've never before screamed NO at my TV quite the same way before or since."

There weren't the only nominations. From BioShock's floating mannequin scene to descending the ladder in F.E.A.R.Dead Space 2's daycare level to Batman: Arkham Knight's Man-Bat jump, there were some strong choices. There were also a lot of mentions for Resident Evil's dogs jumping through the window. 

What's Going On With Resident Evil And Silent Hill?

Konami has finally secured the future of Silent Hill, a full decade after its last title released. Not that we're worried, but we're sure the likes of Silent Hill f and Silent Hill: Ascension bring the chills. If that's not enough, the Silent Hill 2 remake will recreate Pyramid Head's debut.

Capcom is also working on Resident Evil 9, hopefully following RE7 and Village's darker aesthetics, meaning that alongside the Dead Space remake, there are a lot of modern horror games to keep us busy. Of course, "science" claims that Bloodius' MADiSON is the scariest game of all time. We'd also like to give a shoutout to Alien: Isolation

The OP on Reddit was captioned saying, "Kids be saying that FNAF has the best jumpscares," but come on, we know that's not true. Back in the day, the Spencer Mansion zombies and Pyramid Head were shuffling so Freddy Fazbear could run. 

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