Dead Space Remake Just Killed Its Last-Gen Releases

Dead Space Remake Just Killed Its Last-Gen Releases

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Jack Marsh


13th Oct 2022 16:25

The days and weeks are flying by until the release of Electronic Arts' Dead Space remake, and we're still none the wiser as to how the old, dusty, title will be reimagined for a modern-day audience and their super-speedy consoles.

Approaching its 15th birthday by the time the remake arrives, Dead Space is a title for the ages. With such a classic game, the developers face the tough task of flirting with nostalgia while being able to keep up to speed with how a new-generation game should work.

With that balancing act in mind, it appears that there's only going to be one version of the Dead Space remake being made, as it's been confirmed that the last-gen titles have been killed off.

Dead Space Remake Won't Be Coming To Xbox One / PS4

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Following in the footsteps of the likes of The Last of Us, which has recently had its decade-old game showered down and redecorated to suit PS5 action, Dead Space is only being rolled out on the new-generation consoles.

Taking to a press release, EA confirmed that Dead Space will only be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC - laying to rest any rumours of an old-gen reveal. The release came only after fans got quite excited about the possibility of a PS4 and Xbox One version of Dead Space that was incorrectly advertised in a PlayStation Latin America trailer.


New-Gen Dead Space Remake Adds Gruesome 'Peeling System'

There might be quite a good reason that EA is keeping Dead Space as a new-gen exclusive game, and it lies with the graphics needed to fully implement a new "peeling system". The latest addition to the game will peel monsters and creepy critters like a banana. EA detailed that necromorphs and other beasts will have "layered flesh, tendons and bones that break, tear and shatter in shocking new ways".

The Dead Space remake isn't going into the horror theme half-hearted, and clearly, want fans to live through the gore and guts in 4K - no skimping off in semi-resolution dismemberment, that would be disingenuous.  If you're going to be getting Dead Space, you might want to invest in a new-gen console and a blanket to hide behind too.

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