Resident Evil 9 Leak Sounds Too Good To Be True

Resident Evil 9 Leak Sounds Too Good To Be True

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Tom Chapman


28th Jul 2022 13:09

Those Resident Evil rumours are shuffling from the grave once again, as a massive Resident Evil 9 leaks teases where the zombie series could go next. We know the next Resident Evil will round off the Winters Trilogy, but what's next for Rose, Chris, and the rest of the Resi gang?

The Resident Evil games became increasingly outlandish after Albert Wesker was tossed into a volcano in RE5, and by the time we got to RE6 in 2012, the franchise was a bit of a laughing stock that put cinematics ahead of actual scares. Thankfully, Resident Evil 7 was a big win in 2017 as we went back to its survival horror roots. Following the continued success of Resident Evil Village in 2021, all eyes are on Resident Evil 9 to deliver frights and frills. 

What Is The Resident Evil 9 Leak?

Although there's no official release date for Resident Evil 9, we're sure it's on the way from Capcom. Now, a megaton leak has made its way online that spoils a lot of the major beats. Well, that's if it's real. The original source is the notoriously sketchy 4Chan, but then again, remember that prior to Village's release, a similar leak was almost completely accurate about what was on the way. 

Diving straight in, the game is reportedly going under the name Resident Evil Apocalypse, so good luck squeezing IX into the title. The main setting is apparently a ghost town in the West that's populated by mythical monsters like goat men and wendigos. These creatures will be able to transform and fool players into thinking they're friendly NPCs before attacking.

An early enemy is "Barghest," which is like a "giant black dog with a twist." As for this game's Mother Miranda, the main antagonist is a woman called "Glaistig" - who is dressed in green and covered in gold. Finally, you'll be assisted by a female bioweapon called Hulder acting as your guide. There's an emphasis on survival horror as you can barricade yourself in houses, while the massive map is easy to get lost in - conjuring up an aesthetic we guess is like the village segments of Village


Is The Resident Evil 9 Leak Real?

Resident Evil
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There's definitely a possibility that all of the above is legit, but then again, it's just as likely it's an elaborate hoax for the clout. Making us lean toward the latter is the fact there's no mention of any characters from previous outings. We know there's the Shadows of Rose DLC coming to Village, but with Resident Evil 9 due to round out a trilogy, many expect Rose to be the MVP here.

The ever-expanding canon of Resident Evil also means we're guessing Chris Redfield will return, and what about the likes of Ada Wong and Jill Valentine? Then again, the mention of the moon and an apocalypse playing a part is interesting given the RE Engine logo includes the moon. As this is supposedly a very early leak of a potential Resident Evil 9 story, a lot could change. With Shadows of Rose and the Village Gold Edition coming on October 22, we'll keep our eyes peeled for what comes next. 

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