Resident Evil: Death Island explains Jill Valentine plot hole

Resident Evil: Death Island explains Jill Valentine plot hole

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Tom Chapman


14th Mar 2023 16:22

We need Jill Valentine's skin routine, because damn, it doesn't look like she's aged a day. The S.T.A.R.S staple has been through a lot in her time, and from the Spencer Mansion to escaping Raccoon City with her life, she's also been used as an Umbrella puppet - all without a single wrinkle.

While the Resident Evil series has kicked Jill to the kerb since 2009's Resident Evil, we know she's coming back for the animated Resident Evil: Death Island

Why hasn't Jill aged in Resident Evil?



Hold onto your butts for this one - as usual, the complicated Resiverse timeline will come into play here. We last saw Jill in 2009, with Resident Evil: Death Island picking up her story in 2015.

Here, Jill is involved in the Alcatraz Island incident, which is set a year after the events of Resident Evil: Vendetta's New York bioterrorist attack (2014) - teaming up with former comrade, Chris Redfield. This means 17 years after Resident Evil 3, so why does Jill still look exactly like she did back then?

Capcom has noticed that we want Jill's beauty secrets, and now, an official Death Island character profile (via TheGamer) confirms that exposure to the T-Virus in Resident Evil 5 means Jill's ageing process has been slowed down but she's left with "psychological scars."

The fact she's been in rehabilitation suggests that she's lost her supernatural abilities, meaning don't expect Jill to suddenly be like Milla Jovovich's Alice of the non-canon live-action movies.

It's justice for Jill in Resident Evil: Death Island

Despite it being a who's who of characters for the maligned Resident Evil 6, Jill sat that one out. As it was released in 2012 - and Jill hasn't popped up in the seventh or eighth games - she's been MIA for far too long. An animated movie might not be the likeliest place to bring her back, but we'll take what we can.

As for what the future of the franchise holds, we've heard whispers that Jill could be back in action for Resident Evil 9. Even though it's all hearsay for now, players expect more legacy characters like Jill and Ada Wong to rear their heads.

Then again, with Death Island being a current endpoint of Jill's story, could the Resiverse go full Game of Thrones and really kill her off? If Jill is back in RE9, her T-Virus talents mean she'll be just as baby-faced as she is now when compared to Chris "Daddy" Redfield. 

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