Resident Evil 4 Remake leak seemingly confirms huge Ada Wong expansion

Resident Evil 4 Remake leak seemingly confirms huge Ada Wong expansion

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Tom Chapman


27th Mar 2023 15:37

While the 2023 Resident Evil 4 remake is about as perfect as they come, players are rightly disappointed that a certain fan-favourite hasn't had her time to shine.

Although there's a lot of love for Ada Wong, she's often forgotten when compared to the likes of Leon, Claire, Chris, and Jill. We were promised much more Ada this time around, and for those saying we didn't get enough of her, there's good news on the horizon. 

Resident Evil 4 remake datamine hints at Ada Wong DLC

For those who played the original Resident Evil 4, you'll know the PlayStation 2 release added a tonne of Ada-centric content with the "Separate Ways" DLC. It was a kicker that it didn't come bundled with the main release of Capcom's flashy remake, but don't worry, we think she's just over the horizon. 

Posting on Twitter, Gosetsu unearthed some hidden files in the game's PC version of the files, with references to "Chainsaw," "Mercenaries," and "Another Order." The "Chainsaw" mention is likely the pre-release demo, "Mercenaries" is the Mercenaries mode, whereas "Another Order" has us looking at Ada. 

We know Mercenaries is coming via a free update in April, but as for a potential Separate Ways DLC, we're left waiting for an official announcement. Given that Leon makes a joke about him and Ada needing to go their "separate ways" in the remake, we'd already guessed her DLC would be landing soon. 

Why Separate Ways is important to Resident Evil

If you still aren't sold, the Japanese name for the DLC was "The Another Order." It'll be interesting to see if Capcom doubles down on its Ada content by attaching the non-canon "Assignment Ada" to this mythical DLC. 

Although it's a shame Separate Ways isn't part of the game at launch, it makes sense that Capcom releases it as a DLC to keep things fresh. The original release wasn't the longest campaign in the world, but showing Ada's side of the story, helps flesh out her character in Resiverse canon. 

It's about time Ada gets the justice she deserves, especially as Resident Evil Village axed plans to include her as part of the eighth game's main story. There have been rumbles about Jill returning for Resident Evil 9, but yet again, we're forgetting about Ada. Hopefully, we'll see that iconic dress soon.

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