Capcom fans name next remake they want after Resident Evil 4

Capcom fans name next remake they want after Resident Evil 4
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21st Mar 2023 14:53

The Resident Evil franchise is harder to kill than Albert Wesker, and while entries like Resident Evil 6 seemingly tried their best to bury it, we've returned to its horror roots since 2017. Now, we've got the lauded Resident Evil 4 remake to take a chainsaw to. 

As well as a reinvigorated fan base thanks to terrifying mainline titles, Capcom has found great success with its remakes of classic Resident Evil games. Following 2019's Resident Evil 2 and 2020's Resident Evil 3Resident Evil 4 was the next logical step, but wait, isn't someone missing? 

What happened to Resident Evil – Code: Veronica?

Resident Evil - Code: Veronica gameplay
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It's true that there was a bit of a gap between remakes, as Resident Evil 2 came 17 years after the GameCube REmake of the 1996 classic. Following RE3's remake, players wondered whether the developer would go chronologically and make Resident Evil – Code: Veronica

Released in 2000 on the Dreamcast (anyone remember that?), Code: Veronica brought series staples Chris and Claire Redfield together for a tour around the globe. It was the franchise's first to use real-time 3D backdrops, and while its sales were weaker than its predecessors, it's become a cult classic.

As well as helping redefine Resident Evil games, Code: Veronica is held as one of the franchise's best. In fact, its PS2 version outsold Resident Evil 4 on the same console. Sadly, the sheer love for RE4 means it looks like we've skipped over Code: Veronica

Resident Evil fans demand a Code: Veronica remake

Over on ResetEra (via The Gamer), a poll proves a Code: Veronica remake is a missed opportunity for Capcom. We know it took place in an echo chamber, but a whopping 78.7% of the 1,194 asked declare we need a Code: Veronica remake.  

In the comments, there was a passionate outcry for the title's much-needed revamp. One cheered, "Effing yes. Its map and weapons are awful. As much as I like the nonsense nature of the plot, it's a slog."

Another added, "Remake Code Veronica first, then stop after following it with 5. CV needs a remake the most and it ties perfectly with RE5," while a third said, "It should have been next after 3. It needs a remake the most out of all the “classic” titles, and maybe they can actually make Steve likeable."

Still, someone else joked, "I think I'm good with never seeing Steve Burnside again." We've almost had Code: Veronica remaster before, but annoyingly, Capcom pulled the plug on the fan project without showing an interest in forging ahead with an official remake.

Resident Evil 4 Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi teased the potential of revising Code: Veronica, but for now, it looks like we're more likely to get a Resident Evil 5 remake and a new-gen version of Chris Redfield punching a boulder. 

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