Resident Evil 3 now lets you play as Nemesis

Resident Evil 3 now lets you play as Nemesis
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29th Jun 2023 15:09

Playing as the rugged Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield is all well and good, but for us more morbid Resident Evil fans, what about playing as some of the franchise's big bads? We know the likes of Mercenaries let you step into the shoes of Lady Dimitrescu, but we mean actually playing the campaign as those vile villains. 

Dead by Daylight has given us a teaser of what it's like to be bad to the bone, allowing you to see through the eyes of Nemesis and Albert Wesker. Now that we've had a taste of blood, we want more. For those who've wanted to experience Capcom's Resident Evil games from a different point of view... now you can.

Resident Evil 3 lets you play as Nemesis

As iconic baddies come, they (literally) don't come much bigger than Nemesis. Muscling his way into 1999's Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, this Frankenstein monster stalked Jill and Carlos around the burning Raccoon City as an ever-lumbering killing machine. Now, you can celebrate Nemesis' bloody legacy in style. 

Capcom has been on a winning streak with its Resident Evil remakes, and while critics bemoaned 2020's Resident Evil 3 remake for being too short, we've got another reason to head back and check out the 1999 OG. The "Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Scenario" is the work of modder Komizo and is quite something to behold.

Overhauling the entire game, this isn't simply swapping the Jill character model for the beefy boy of Nemesis. Instead of just using weapons on enemies, Nemesis can physically pack a punch. Be warned, playing as Nemesis can make for a pretty easy ride as he smashes his way through zombies with ease.

The mod's description explains there are two game modes. Original Mode is just the standard story with Nemesis instead of Jill - albeit with altered cutscenes. However, Arrange Mode lets Nemesis run around the Raccoon City maps, but this time, you'll obliterate S.T.A.R.S. members with new objectives and item placement. 

What's next for Resident Evil?

Chris Redfield Resident Evil Village
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With Nemesis kicking the bucket in RE3, we're not expecting some sort of Wesker-inspired resurrection for Resident Evil 9. Still, we've seen the series introduce other Tyrant types, and we think it's about time he got an upgrade. Speaking of RE9, it's anyone's guess where the franchise heads next.

There was a massive leak that we'd be tackling Wendigos and assisted by a female Bioweapon, although that could've just been made up for the clout. More reliable sources recently claimed Chris Redfield will be the MVP, with a who's who of familiar faces like Jill stopping by for more.

It's unclear what Capcom's next moves are. It's only been two years since Resident Evil Village released, and with a tempting tease of a Resident Evil 5 remake, we guess RE9 is still a way off. Well, at least that gives us plenty of time to check out the Resident Evil 3 Nemesis mod. 

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