Capcom reportedly working on multiple Resident Evil games right now

Capcom reportedly working on multiple Resident Evil games right now
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Megan Cooke


4th Feb 2024 21:41

A notable leaker has stated that they are aware of five Resident Evil games which are currently in development, including Resident Evil 9.

Fans of the franchise have expressed excitement, with some trying to guess which games they think are in the works.

A leaker has claimed Capcom is working on five Resident Evil games right now

A popular leaker, who goes by the name Dusk Golem, has claimed that they “know of 5 RE games in dev right now including RE9.”

Though Dusk Golem has been wrong a few times in the past, they have also accurately shared insider information about games like Resident Evil 8, and the Silent Hill 2 Remake in the past.

Based on some of Dusk Golem’s previous information, one of these games could be released in 2026/2027.

In a message they shared in November 2023, they said: “BTW, I got a f*cking big update on a Resident Evil project literally yesterday, and I’m really excited for it.

“But it won’t be releasing until late 2026 or early 2027 most likely.”

Redditors are trying to guess what the five games could be

The leak was shared to the Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit, by user KekanKok, which sparked a lot of discussion about which games could be included.

Some players speculated that a Resident Evil 1 re-remake could be on the cards.

While the game is widely regarded as one of the best Resident Evil titles, the remake has fixed camera angles and is ultimately quite different in direction from where the series is now.

“REmake is the best RE game imo but it's very different from what the series is now. A RE-REmake in 3rd person or even in 7-style first person would be great!” one commenter said.

Another theorised: “The 30th anniversary is coming up in 2026, would line up with Dusk’s comments here.

“Honestly, it’s there for the taking and from a consistency standpoint it would feel a bit odd going from 2-4 and beyond without going back to the original.”

Other games which were mentioned include a Code Veronica remake, Resident Evil 5 Remake, Revelations 3, and a jokey but fantastic sounding ‘Resident Evil Dance All Night in Raccoon City - Nemesis Edition’.

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Though nothing is confirmed, it wouldn’t be surprising for several games to be in the works given both the success and age of the franchise.

It will likely be a long time before we find out what all of the games are, if we ever do, but if nothing else it is great to see that the series is alive and thriving within Capcom.

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