Resident Evil 9 leak is all about Chris Redfield

Resident Evil 9 leak is all about Chris Redfield
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19th Jun 2023 16:02

The future of the Resiverse remains unclear, but just like the certainty Ethan Winters was going to repeatedly lose his hand in Resident Evil Village, we know a ninth mainline Resident Evil game is on the way. By the sounds of it, we'll be shifting focus back to the fan-favourite Chris Redfield.

Alongside Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield was the MVP of 1996's Resident Evil and has since been a major player in the likes of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil Village. While the latter neatly cued his future with the franchise, a huge Resident Evil 9 leak claims Chris will be the focus of the next game.

Resident Evil 9 leak is all about Chris Redfield

Leaker Chris Marx posted on Twitter and claims that Chris will be the main protagonist of Resident Evil 9, with a chance for other "classic" characters to return. Despite there being a cryptic tease of Ethan Winters in the Village post-credit scene, Marx thinks we've seen the last of Rose's mouldy father. 

Given that Chris got his own Resident Evil 7 DLC and a brief playable moment in Village, it makes sense he's getting an expanded role in Resident Evil 9. It would feel strange to introduce another brand-new character in the ninth game, especially as this was originally pitched as the Winters Trilogy

If we're getting more Chris though, it makes us wonder whether we're also showing Rose Winters the door. The end of Village gave us a time jump, and although we didn't see Chris, a future arc with him and Rose was teased. As many years have passed, fans are expecting a much older Chris in RE9

What do we know about Resident Evil 9?

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While Marx's leaks could've easily been plucked from thin air, they've previously been on the money with the likes of Payday 3 and Dragon's Dogma. Things start to go off the ball with claims that Leon, Claire, and Jill will also be part of the game, which sounds like character overkill to us. 

There's also a mention that we're shifting from a horror genre to more action. This should have you worried because we all remember how that went down with Resident Evil 6 and how it took RE7's franchise overhaul to restore faith in the franchise.

You might remember the massive Resident Evil 9 leak that claimed we'd head to a ghost town in the West, battle Wendigos, and be assisted by a female bioweapon. The recent Capcom showcase didn't give us anything on RE9, so for the time being, we're left scrawling the internet for leaks. 

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