Marvel's Avengers Players Demand Sequel… Yes, Really

Marvel's Avengers Players Demand Sequel… Yes, Really
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Joseph Kime


31st Jan 2023 10:42

Marvel's Avengers is finally coming to an end, and what a bizarre run it was. Offering fans the excitement of playing as their favourite superheroes in a beat-em-up adventure should've been more than enough to make the game a big deal.

Sadly, when the launch came around, it was clearly just too good to be true. Marvel's Avengers was clunky, buggy, and not all that fun.

It wasn't long until fans started to depart the game's servers for good. As Crystal Dynamics prepares to close down the Avengers servers, it looks like something is changing. Weirdly, it looks like fans want more. Sorry, what?

Fans Want A Marvel's Avengers 2... For Some Reason

Marvel's Avengers Players Demand Sequel… Yes, Really
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A new petition has materialised - pleading with Embracer Group and Crystal Dynamics to create a brand-new Marvel's Avengers sequel, despite the first game's shortcomings.

"What we suggest, that we hope all parties consider, is that the Crystal Dynamics take on the Avengers deserves a second chance," reads the petition's description. "We are certain there is a dedicated audience willing to see this solid foundation get a second chance.

"If we are to believe leaks and rumours, there are many hours of labour and investment that will ultimately never be in the final product. Pumping additional resources into a diminishing returns project doesn't make sound judgment."

However, applying lessons learned and with Embracer group's resources many of us believe a fully realized sequel for this title could be made."

Almost 2,000 people have signed the petition so far, which isn't Hit & Run numbers but is far more than you'd expect when it comes to the dwindling Marvel's Avengers fan base. But as the petition itself states, with nothing ventured, nothing is gained.

Will There Be A Marvel's Avengers 2?

Though there are plenty of games under the moniker of Marvel's yet to come - like Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Marvel's Wolverine - they've all got their own distinct gameplay styles, and Marvel's Avengers is no different.

There was a slew of cut voice lines that hint at what could've come next, with the axing of She-Hulk being a major loss to the title's supporters. It's not like the content wasn't there, but why would the developer plough more money into a struggling game? 

Even though we're more than happy to be proved wrong, the stumble that Crystal Dynamics made with the game was noticeable even from the outside. It's looking likely that we'll see the Avengers back for a sequel any time soon. At least we've got Spider-Man 2, right, everyone?

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