Cancelled Left 4 Dead Jurassic Park Game Appears Online

Cancelled Left 4 Dead Jurassic Park Game Appears Online
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19th Aug 2022 14:42

Uh, uh, uh, you didn't say the magic word. While there have been a lot (putting it politely) of Jurassic Park games, too many of them have been entirely forgettable. It's a sad state of affairs that a 29-year-old franchise is largely remembered for sitting in the back of a car for Namco's Jurassic Park arcade game.

It's not that there's been a shortage of Jurassic games, and only last year, there was Jurassic World Evolution 2. In some alternate reality, we could've had a truly great Jurassic Park game, as a concept has appeared online for a canned Jurassic Park game that would've effectively been a crossover between dinos and Left 4 Dead. 

What Was The Cancelled Left 4 Dead Jurassic Park Game?

Cancelled Jurassic Game
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We're not sure why, but Spanish website Vandal has revealed 10 cancelled games that you'll never get to see. Away from a Cyberpunk-esque game from Riot Games, easily the biggest is the Left 4 Dead-inspired Jurassic Park outing. With Jurassic Park boasting icons like Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Ian Malcolm, it seems built for a co-op title for you and your mates.

Apparently, the now-defunct French studio VirtualKeys (yep, we haven't heard of them either) pitched or was pitched a plan to create several Jurassic Park games using augmented and virtual reality. One was going to copy the formula of Left 4 Dead... with dinosaurs. Whether we'd go back to the original island or head somewhere new, confirmation that it was going to homage Left 4 Dead means it was in production after 2008.

There isn't anything else to it, there's a screenshot from a pre-alpha version that shows a first-person viewpoint, another human next to you, and a ravenous pack of raptors running toward you. If you've never played Valve's Left 4 Dead, you and up to three others could jump into the zombie apocalypse in a fight for survival. It's all pretty self-explanatory where you'd swap brain-hungry munchers for flesh-hungry dinosaurs.


When's The Next Jurassic Park Game?

Jurassic Park SEGA
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This isn't the only cancelled Jurassic game we know of, and way back when, Savage Entertainment was working on a tie-in to Jurassic Park III in the early '00s. Sadly, it went through a slew of delays and ended up having nothing to do with the movie. The wildly different Jurassic Park: Survival was going to follow a member of the security team called David Vaughn. Survival was eventually cancelled in 2002 as another JP potential we'll never get to see. 

These days, Universal's box office-popping prehistoric adventure is known for park simulators where you try to stop your guests from being eaten by velociraptors. We've already covered why those with the rights need to work on the Jurassic Park adventure game we deserve, and like we've seen a resurgence in Star Wars and Marvel games, we imagine it'll come one day. If an open-world Avatar game can be relevant, then let's creak open those iconic gates once again.

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