New Resurgence Map Confirmed For Warzone 2 Season 2

New Resurgence Map Confirmed For Warzone 2 Season 2
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Jack Marsh


19th Jan 2023 12:10

Following the purge of Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep from Warzone Legacy, fans have been yearning for the return of a small-based map that can complement the Resurgence playlist in Warzone 2.

Despite the map's competence and love from fans, Al Mazrah can't offer the consistent adrenaline-jacking experience that Resurgence needs, meaning fans are calling for the return of Rebirth Island or something similar. 

While Rebirth Island might be coming back - albeit in a different manner than you would expect - Call of Duty has now confirmed that a brand-new Resurgence map will soon be landing in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 Devs Confirm New Resurgence Map In Season 2

Amid a delay to Warzone Season 2, the Call of Duty team has promised that the upcoming update will include a range of massive updates to rectify the dying state of its two titles... hopefully.

One of these features that is being pushed up the timeline is a brand-new Resurgence map. Although since tipped to arrive later this year, the Warzone 2 developers have confirmed it's arriving in Season 2. 

"Season 2 includes all new content, with the return of Resurgence and a brand new small map for Warzone 2," reads the developers' post.

What Is The New Warzone 2 Resurgence Map?

It's unclear what the new Resurgence map will look like, but it could be centralised around the Modern Warfare 2 map Castle that's also coming in Season 2.

This is an exciting prospect, after it was rumoured a new battle royale map is being designed with the Japanese landscape in mind.

The brand-new map will not feature any POIs currently used in Al Mazrah, but could also look to play host to another remastered MW2 map - akin to how the BR design hides Highrise, Quarry, Shipment, and more within its borders.

It hasn't been confirmed whether the Resurgence map will be available on Season 2's launch or it will be held back until the mid-season update while priority is flung towards fixing Al Mazrah.

Either way, take solace in knowing the new Resurgence map will definitely be coming in either two or seven weeks' time.

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