Rampart is the newest addition to the Apex Legends lineup - but how can you use her effectively?

18:50, 08 Sep 2020

Rampart is the newest addition to the lineup of characters in Apex Legends, and she brings a ton of unique qualities to the table. Not only can she be an offensive powerhouse, but also a menace when it comes to defending herself or her teammates. This pairing is pretty dangerous in Apex Legends and is causing a ton of teams to pick her. However, some of these players might not know the most effective way to use the bubble-blowing legend. Today, we'll be going over abilities and some strategies you can use to gain an edge over your opponents. 

Rampart Apex Legends Abilities 

If you're unaware, here is a full description of Rampart's abilities in Apex Legends

  • Tactical: Amped Cover - Build a crouch-cover wall which deploys full-cover amped wall that blocks incoming shots and Amps outgoing shots
  • Passive: Modded Loader - Increased Magazine/Heat capacity and faster reloads/recharge when using LMGs and the Minigun.
  • Ultimate: Sheila - Place a mounted machine gun that anyone can use. High ammo capacity, long reload time.

Used correctly, these can be some of the most potent abilities in the game. Rampart's Ultimate and Tactical abilities complement each other exceptionally well, and her Passive is also nothing to slouch at. However, there are some misconceptions when it comes to Rampart's abilities, so let's go over how you should be managing the abilities. 

Rampart Apex Legends Abilities - Passive

With the new gun meta, and the energy LMG the Devotion now being ground loot once again, the faster reload on LMG passive ability is invaluable. Use this to your advantage, and pick up a Spitfire or Devotion every chance you get, for those extra few bullets. 

Rampart Apex Legends Abilities - Tactical

For starters, Amped Cover is a dominant ability that should be taken advantage of whenever possible. If it's available and you're heading into a gunfight, it's usually a good idea to whip it out. While your enemies are able to use it, this can be easily avoided by making sure you or a teammate keeps a vigilant watch on your surroundings.

Amped Cover is obviously great for blocking shots, but many players don't even think of the shots you fire out of it. These bullets become 'Amped', and have some useful traits that can help knock down your enemies quicker, such as higher damage. Top tip - use these to cover doorways, to either protect yourself and your team or prepare for a flank. In final circles, where the ring forms on one small building, you can use these to effectively "lock" the doors. 

Rampart Apex

Rampart Apex Legends Abilities - Ultimate

Moving on to Sheila, Rampart's Ultimate can be a killing machine if you can hit your shots. However, one of the major downfalls with the ability is that you're vulnerable from the backside. Although, this can easily be combatted with a Gibraltar on your team. If the Gibby throws down a Dome of Protection, you can place Sheila just on the outside of the Dome, with you inside, and you can rain down fire without any threat of being shot from behind. It's currently unknown if this a bug or a legitimate strategy in Apex Legends. The ult is also not the quickest to "release" from, leaving you vulnerable when trying to hop off. 

Of course, if you don't have a Gibraltar on the squad, using Amped Cover with Sheila is a viable option as well. You just need to make sure a teammate is watching your back, otherwise, you're pretty easy pickings for a sharpshooting enemy. 

Rampart is a fantastic addition to the legend lineup but does require some skill and knowledge for maximum success. With this guide, though, you're sure to be surprising enemies on the battlefield. 


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