A Rainbow 6 Board Game Is Currently In Development

A Rainbow 6 Board Game Is Currently In Development
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Tom Chapman


7th Jul 2021 13:49

Gather your Operators because a Rainbow 6 board game is officially on the way. With franchises like CyberpunkDOOM, and Fallout cashing in on the growing market of tabletop games, Rainbow 6 is the latest to join the fold. But, how do you turn a first-person shooter into a board game?

Back in the day, you were limited to trudging around the board to try and catch the mouse in Mouse Trap, or spending hours arguing about who stole £50 from the bank in Monopoly.

Nowadays, we're inundated with board game possibilities and stores with whole sections of these cardboard capers sitting alongside their digital source material.

What is the Rainbow 6 board game?

Over on Kickstarter, 6: Siege - The Board Game has made plenty of noise. Although there was a target of a reasonably modest $100,000, the campaign ended on July 1 with a whopping $1.5 million from over 10,800 backers. 

If you're wondering why the title isn't Rainbow 6 Siege: The Board Game, it's probably because this isn't an officially licensed product from Ubisoft and there could be some legal difficulties. We doubt the massive developer would be turning to Kickstarter if it wanted to release a board game based on the Tom Clancy favourite. 

Still, 6 Siege is based on 2015's Rainbow 6 Siege - which has become an online favourite of the esports scene and beyond over the last six years. Taking its cue from its bigger brother, 6 Siege splits you between playing as Attackers and Defenders. You move your players around the map with destructible environments.

How can you play the Rainbow 6 board game?

All the details on how to put your money where your mouth is are on the Kickstarter site. The base pledge is $69, which gives you the standard board game and some Kickstarter-exclusive content you won't get if it makes it to the shops. The next tier costs $199 and delivers the base game, the Kickstarter bonus, five expansions, and two map packs.

If you fancy yourself as something of a Sam Fisher, the top tier costs $269 and includes all of the above, alongside accessories like an exclusive dice tray and set. 2,912 backers went for this option, which proves there are a lot of R6 board game fans out there.

For those who've missed out on the first pledge, there will be another closer to the game's planned June 2022 release. Here, Pledge Manager lets Kickstarter buyers add and remove options, while campaign owners can open up the project to new backers. Saving that, 6: Siege will eventually come to retail. 

Alongside a Resident Evil crossover inside Rainbow 6 and the upcoming release of Rainbow 6: Extraction, the long-running franchise continues to branch out. The board game community is booming right now, and a cool $1.5 million upfront is pretty tempting to spur us into the board game creation industry. GGRecon: The Board Game - you heard it here first.


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