Pokimane Laughs Off Trolls After Joking About Her 'Bread Roll' Abs

Pokimane Laughs Off Trolls After Joking About Her 'Bread Roll' Abs
Pokimane | Twitch

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Emma Hill


15th Apr 2022 13:59

Imane "Pokimane" Anys threw it right back at her haters after they trolled her for making a joke about her abs looking like "bread rolls."

Content creator Pokimane is one of the most famous faces in the streaming community and also just happens to have one of the most dedicated and supportive fanbases too. However, the Twitch streamer has certainly had her fair share of haters over the years that she's had to clap back against. For example, she fired back at a sexist sub who made controversial comments during her stream along with trolls who mocked her for her makeup-free selfie

So, when it came to responding to her viewers who laughed at her after showing off her six-pack progress, Pokimane knew exactly what to do. 

Pokimane Jokes About Her 'Bread Roll' Abs

Pokimane was doing her livestream when she gave an update about her fitness progress and showed off her toned physique. The Twitch star said: "I'm in that in-between phase where there's muscle underneath but I should lose more fat on top to show more definition."

She then got up from her chair and revealed her ab muscles saying "there's abs, but there is still some chubbiness on top of the abs so they look like this, bro. They look like bread rolls! Do they not?" To prove her point, she then pulled up a picture of bread rolls. Fans were left in hysterics with the comparison, which wasn't the reaction that Pokimane was hoping for. 

Pokimane Claps Back At Fans For Laughing At Her

As Pokimane's chat continued to fill with fans laughing at the comparison, Pokimane snapped back: "You guys are laughing too hard, stop it! It was supposed to be an 'ahah oh no, you look good' kind of thing. Not actually laughing at me! What the f**k! Stop saying 'Holy sh*t they do' it's not supposed to be that accurate."

Pokimane didn't seem to be too hurt by the comments and mainly laughed with her chat about the 'bread roll' comment. Then again, she's got plenty of other things to focus on at the moment. For one thing, she's got to work out what to do with her podcast alongside Felix "xQc" Lengyel.


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