xQc 'Forgets' To Show Up For Pokimane Podcast Debut

xQc 'Forgets' To Show Up For Pokimane Podcast Debut
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Emma Hill


11th Apr 2022 16:30

Imane "Pokimane" Anys was left red-faced during her livestream after Felix "xQc" Lengyel, who was due to make an appearance for their podcast debut, just didn't turn up.

With 19.4 million followers on Twitch between them, xQc and Pokimane are two of the most famous faces in the streaming community. With French-Canadian xQc constantly topping the ranks as the most popular streamer, Pokimane has made her name as one of the world's most beloved female streamers. It says it all that in 2022, she took home the Legacy Award from The Streamer Awards, as voted for by her fans. 

So, it's no surprise that when the two teased they would be doing a podcast together, the duo's fanbase was ecstatic. However, on the day of the podcast, xQc just didn't show up, leaving Pokimane to sort out the situation live on stream. 

Why Didn't xQc Appear For His Podcast With Pokimane? 

Fans first got wind that Pokimane and xQc were going to be showcasing their first podcast together in a Discord comment from xQc, which sent fans wild with excitement. With the collab due to be making its debut on April 9, fans dashed to Pokimane's livestream as she eagerly awaited her friend's appearance. But, xQc never showed up. As a result, Pokimane was left having to answer an abundance of questions from her puzzled fans. 

Speculating as to xQc's mysterious absence, Pokimane said: "I think he forgot that today was Saturday. Maybe he thought that I meant next Saturday? I don't know." As xQc left her Discord call hanging, Pokimane defended her fellow Twitch streamer: "I really think he just lost track of the days, which happens. It's happened to me." 

Meanwhile, on the day the podcast was due to take place, xQc tweeted: "Taking a long-needed today, long a** stream when I get home. Kinda got out of the house on a whim and winging it. We'll see how this goes."

What Were Pokimane And xQc Going To Talk About During Their Podcast?

According to Pokimane, she and xQc had a whole host of topics lined up for their debut podcast together. Sharing the line-up during her livestream, Pokimane claimed the pair were going to talk about the Will Smith Oscars drama and how r/place was "some of the best content Twitch has ever seen." She also debated whether or not she should ditch xQc for her fellow Twitch star Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo. 

Hopefully, the long-awaited Pokimane and xQc collab will go ahead as planned. Fingers crossed Pokimane sticks with it as the pair of them have a history of making great content together.


Emma Hill is a former Junior Journalist at GGRecon.

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