Pokemon ships are the latest Starfield trend

Pokemon ships are the latest Starfield trend
Image via Bethesda | The Pokemon Company

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Megan Cooke


16th Sep 2023 17:48

Starfield’s ship builder has seen a lot of creativity come out of the games community.

Custom ships have seen everything from the Millennium Falcon to completely original creations brought to life, but the latest trend seems to be even more unusual.

People are making Pokemon ships in Starfield




When given the opportunity to create almost anything in the world, one Pokemon fan decided to create ships to represent the three super-ancient pokemon from generation 3.

Reddit user u/banzailang took to the Starfield subreddit to share his Kyogre inspired ship.

The ship is built using a stolen Ecliptic Claymore 3, with elements such as the tail being kept the same as the base model.




A week later, banzailang shared their second pokemon inspired ship based on Groudon.

The ship docks through the butt area and reportedly consists of a lot of ladders, but it also really captures how creative these designs can be.

Commenters shared their thoughts on the projects, with many expressing how amazed they were. One Reddit user wrote: “I love these!!! Brings me so much happiness. Incredible job!”

While it is yet to be shared online, banzailang has confirmed that they will be making a Rayquaza-inspired vessel.




Other Starfield players are also delving into the world of Pokemon ship building.

In the Starfield Ships subreddit, u/BradfordTheGreat shared their Venusaur ship, aptly named ‘Venus Soar’.

The ship reportedly uses eight particle beam turrets to form a defacto solar beam, mimicking the powerful grass-type move.




Other players created Pokemon ships by accident.

Reddit user u/a_space_ghost shared that they changed their ship colour after someone pointed out that it looked like Blastoise.

They later redecorated the ship to resemble Venusaur after commenters pointed out that it resembled the grass-type Pokemon even more.

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