Starfield fans disappointed by first update, but there’s good news

Starfield fans disappointed by first update, but there’s good news
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14th Sep 2023 16:15

If Bethesda's Starfield has proved anything, it's that we can't travel far before finding something to complain about, can we? The developer's first new IP in over 25 years is here, and we're all exploring the settled systems - but we all have our different reasons.

Planet-hopping with excitement or searching with hate, both experiences are no doubt turning out some bugs and glitches that they want Bethesda to patch up. The team is thankfully on this pretty sharpish, but many feel as though the most important issues haven't been addressed yet.

With Bethesda hoping this will be the next Skyrim and can keep us engaged for the next decade, there's a hopefully bright future ahead for the cosmos - and it could contain all the fixes we need.

Fans aren't into Starfield's first update plans

Bethesda Game Studios has made its first big address to fans since Starfield launched and has listed a few of the items that it intends to fix up very soon. Still, there are many who feel there are bigger problems that should be prioritised. Namely, where on Alpha Centauri are our city maps? 

Promising that this is a game Bethesda will be "supporting for years and years to come," the devs asked to keep your feedback coming. They continue, "Even if we don't get to your requests immediately, we'd love to do it in the future, like city maps."

Bethesda concludes, "Our priority initially is making sure any top blocker bugs or stability issues are addressed, and adding quality-of-life features that many are asking for." Adding that a FOV Slider, ultrawide monitor support, and an HDR calibration menu will be on the way, the post seems pretty all-encompassing.

The problem is, Bethesda will never be able to please everyone. At least the first update and promises of more are indicative of a better experience coming soon. Still, there are some who aren't convinced.

Fans react to Starfield's first response

The replies to the tweet have been peppered with fans asking for more pointers, and while the original tweet mentions that city maps are being considered, there are players who think they need to be bumped far up the list of priorities.

Another complained, "Can you possibly re-work exploration," and someone added, "How about finally abandoning the Creation engine. Like seriously." A particularly lengthy tweet asked for everything from ship elevators, giving vendors more money, and the ability to decide where we put doors. 

The most common complaint is the lack of a city map. Comparing the Skyrim city map to Starifeld's, it's easy to see something is lacking here. One critic said, "Starfield's lack of any kind of city map or markers for shops is crazy. What was Bethesda thinking?"

There are plenty of complaints in a tweet that promises to address complaints, but then again, Bethesda has been fighting against naysayers from the start - we shouldn't expect that they'd just vanish. Then again, a city map would do a lot of lifting here. 

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