Palworld players find out it's a 'Pal eat Pal' kind of world

Palworld players find out it's a 'Pal eat Pal' kind of world
Images via Orion Pictures | Pocket Pair

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Tom Chapman


5th Feb 2024 12:16

We always knew Pocket Pair's Palword was dark, but one gruesome discovery is taking it to a whole new level. The open-world monster-tamer was already grim enough thanks to slavery and organ harvesting, but now, Palworld is going full Hannibal. 

Despite its infancy, Palworld is everywhere right now. Soaring up the Steam charts since it entered early access on January 19, it's since batted off AI accusations, potential legal threats from The Pokemon Company, and worries its server costs could bankrupt Pocket Pair. We've only scratched the surface of what Palworld has to offer.

Palworld players discover cannibalism

Aside from the obvious "Pokemon with guns" comparisons, Palworld is a much more adult game compared to the many Pokeclones out there. While Game Freak is shackled to Nintendo's family-friendly image, Pocket Pair has taken off the cuffs and can do things that the Pokemon series would never dare to.

Over on Reddit, u/bryanmerel123 spotted a group of wild Pals having a feast. The clip apparently comes after the OP beat a group of Syndicate Thugs and left their corpses out in the forest - which is already grim. Live real-life vultures, some wild Pals soon swooped in and started picking at their carcasses. 

We should've seen this coming, as others have reminded us about the Expedition Survivor NPC's opening spiel. Referring to this island a "living hell," they added, "The people I came with aren't with us any longer … Those damned Pals ate every one of 'em. You be careful out there."

Palworld players love its darker edge

Nitewing in Palworld
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Image via Pocket Pair

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While it's unclear whether all Pal have a taste for human and Pal meat, Direhowl, Anubis, and Gobfin are all confirmed as flesh-hungry munchers. Others have pointed out how Nitewing is known for picking off dead Pals.

Someone loved this darker side of Palworld, adding, "This was always one of the biggest disconnects in Pokémon for me. Their descriptions are all along the lines of stealing children or destroying mountains, yet we don’t see any of it." Yeah, The Pokemon Company was never going to show a Drifloon actually flying off with a kid. 

Another added, "This gives the pals so much life for real. Can't wait when they ramp up their devs development and add blood or gore straight up during feast." and a third said, "'Palworld is a cheap copy of pokemon' An early access has a world with more life than any pokemon."

It's these little touches that suggest Palworld is more than just a quick buck. We've already covered the shocking description of Lovander, so be warned next time a pack of them enter your base. Becoming a love slave to a bunch of randy Pals probably isn't on your bucket list. 

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