Overwatch 2 devs scramble to fix multiple broken heroes

Overwatch 2 devs scramble to fix multiple broken heroes
Blizzard Entertainment

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Jack Marsh


12th May 2023 16:31

It's been chaos in Overwatch 2 Season 4, as Lifeweaver's arrival has blossomed into a meta anarchy. Plenty more hero adjustments, like the contradictive Ashe nerfs and Brigitte buffs, have led to the meta being one of the most hectic that we've seen yet. 

The developers at Blizzard Entertainment have tried to balance out the hero pool, but have failed miserably by breaking a bunch of characters. It's now a mad scramble to fix the damage before those notoriously hard-to-please Overwatch fans catch on. 

Overwatch 2 May Patch breaks multiple heroes

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Overwatch 2 players have long felt like Sigma needed an overhaul, but what they didn't ask for was for his abilities to completely fail. 

As of May 9, multiple glitches cropped up, which saw Sigma's Ultimate void all of his other abilities, which has led to him being disabled in Ranked mode.

Doomfist was also plagued with a huge glitch, as his block was simply not working, whilst Ramatta also faced a similar issue.

Overwatch 2 developers scramble to fix broken heroes

However, days later, Overwatch 2 devs have gathered to fix the bugs for both Doomfist and Sigma, although the latter still needs more work before being re-added to Ranked.

Not everything has been fixed, though, as Kiriko's teleport is still defunct. There also appears to be a hell of a lot of camera shake whilst shooting weapons, which isn't usual practice.

The devs have now promised that more fixes are on the way, in a bid to restore Overwatch 2 to its prime anarchist status, where players will continue to try and work out the wacky metas on display, both in casual lobbies and in the OWL, who have recently proven your hero choices drastically need rethinking.

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