Fans mourn Overwatch 2's PvE as Hero Mystery Gauntlet mode is axed

Fans mourn Overwatch 2's PvE as Hero Mystery Gauntlet mode is axed
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Joseph Kime


23rd May 2024 11:25

We've got to admit that Overwatch fans might be the best at complaining in the gaming industry, but frankly, it's hard to blame them for it.

The shooter had a great life while it was still simply Overwatch, but as Overwatch 2, it has failed to live up to many of its promises. It failed to justify its existence as a sequel for many, leaving players without much enthusiasm for a game that seems to prioritise microtransactions over engaging additions to the formula.

And now, as another mode is canned, Overwatch 2 has put the final nail in the coffin of the promises it made to fans when the game was announced.

Overwatch 2 just killed its last PvE mode

Lucio wallrides in Overwatch 2.
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The PvE element of Overwatch 2 was promised to fans before launch and was considered the core reason that the game needed a sequel. Now, Blizzard has announced the news that has horrified a number of players, officially axing the last semblance of the playstyle in the game.

The promised story mode for Overwatch 2 was already cancelled, and fans could barely contain their fury and disappointment. After Blizzard announced that the Hero Mastery Gauntlet mode is leaving the game, it means there are no options for players to engage in PvE in the game whatsoever.

"Unfortunately, it hasn’t resonated with players in the ways that we hoped. With this in mind, we have decided to discontinue Hero Mastery Gauntlet as a permanent mode, and it will not be available to play starting in Season 11," a post on the Blizzard forums has revealed.

"Players have until the end of Season 10 to complete the Lifetime Challenges for Hero Mastery Gauntlet and compete on the mode’s Top 500 leaderboards."

Overwatch 2 fans lament the loss of PvE

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Players weren't the biggest fans of the mode itself, but the very fact that the game now has no option for PvE has become a huge deal for them. One disgruntled gamer lamented, "Wait like discontinue as in full on delete it? Why not just leave it up just because lol."

Another added, "Thought it was really fun and enjoyed doing all the challenges. But blizzard loves the opportunity to scrap fun modes just like PVE. So not surprised," and a third said, "At this rate they might as scrap the game and make Overwatch 3 where it's just an item shop." 

Watching the progress of Overwatch 2 has been agonising as the game loses its identity in favour of more microtransactions and updates that fans simply didn’t ask for. Players will keep playing due to a lack of real competitors, but damn, it is sad.

Joseph Kime
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