OWCS announces details on first international event, Dreamhack Dallas

OWCS announces details on first international event, Dreamhack Dallas
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Sascha Heinisch


22nd May 2024 17:20

The 2024 Overwatch Champions Series (OWCS) Dallas Major, the first in-person event of the season, will be held at DreamHack Dallas from May 31 to June 2.

The competition will feature eight elite teams from North America (NA), Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), and Asia, battling through a double-elimination bracket for a crowdfunded prize pool and the bragging rights of the first international OWCS event.

Participating Teams

Through a rigorous and regionalised process, teams from the three competing regions could qualify through their performances since the start of the OWCS in March 2024.

In the North American and EMEA region, the highest finishing teams by so-called Circuit Points were invited. In the Asian region, only one stage was played out, with the top 2 teams making it to Dallas. The teams are:

North America

1st seed - Toronto Defiant

2nd seed - M80

3rd seed - Students of the Game


1st seed - Spacestation

2nd seed - ENCE

3rd seed - Twisted Minds


1st seed Crazy Raccoon

2nd seed - Team Falcons


The Azure Flame Hanzo bundle crowdfunds the prize pool. Blizzard Entertainment will contribute 25% of the revenue from the sales of this bundle to the OWCS Dallas Major prize pool.

The Overwatch developer clarified that costs like platform fees, taxes, and deductions to third parties would be deducted from the overall sales revenue number. The bundle currently costs 2600 Overwatch coins (approx. ~€25 / £21 / $27).

The bundle, available until June 3rd, includes a Legendary Azure Flame Hanzo skin, Azure Moon Name Card, Azure Flame Player Icon, Azure Guardian Spray, and Dragon Guardian Weapon Charm. A minimum floor for the prize pool has not been announced.

Viewership Incentives

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They know you love free stuff. Much like previous Overwatch esports events, fans can earn in-game rewards by watching the event on Twitch or YouTube. Each hour you watch will give you another cosmetic. The rewards in order are:

  1. Dallas Major - Day Player Icon
  2. Rodeo Cassidy Spray
  3. Rodeo Ashe Spray
  4. Dallas Major - Night Player Icon
  5. Dallas Noon Name Card
  6. Porsche Drift Spray
  7. Dallas Night Name Card
  8. Porsche Name Card
  9. Zero to Sixty Name Card
  10. OWCS Home Weapon Charm
  11. OWCS Home Ashe Skin
  12. OWCS Away Ashe Skin

Offline attendees will receive codes for all viewership incentives plus additional rewards such as the Dallas Skull Player Icon, Bless Your Heart Spray, and Dallas Sunset Name Card.

Matches begin at 1 PM CT on Friday and Saturday, and at 11 AM CT on Sunday at Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. Doors open at 10 AM CT daily. For more information, check out Overwatch esports' event guide

Sascha Heinisch
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