Of Course Thomas The Tank Engine Is In Marvel's Midnight Suns

Of Course Thomas The Tank Engine Is In Marvel's Midnight Suns
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Joseph Kime


24th Jan 2023 11:14

Gamers seem to love modding Thomas the Tank Engine into games, and the four-year-old us would be losing it if they could understand what video games are, let alone modding.

Players have seemingly latched on to the potentially scary-looking, plasticine nightmare train for some reason, with him being the first character to be awkwardly slammed into whatever game is popular at the time.

Resident Evil Village was never safe, neither was Cyberpunk 2077, and turning Dragons and Deathclaws alike in Bethesda games into choo-choo trains wasn't off the table. Now, Marvel fans seem to be getting in on it.

Thomas The Tank Engine Has Made It To Midnight Suns

Before you get the chance to get your hands on Deadpool - who is set to arrive soon - it looks like modders are getting their comedy fix by adding Thomas the Tank Engine to Marvel's Midnight Suns.

Modder VinnyHaw has developed a new addition to Midnight Suns, which (fittingly) replaces Ghost Rider with Thomas himself.

Better yet, it carries over all of Ghost Rider's abilities. To be perfectly honest, they actually make plenty of sense, given the fact that he's a train.

This Thomas/Ghost Rider hybrid definitely stands out, being a pretty lumbering character on the battlefield with a dead, cold, stare that could turn anyone to stone.

It's a hilarious mod that is equal parts horrifying, while reminding players that adding a full tank engine to your team might not be the worst idea after all.

What's Next For Marvel's Midnight Suns?

The next addition to Marvel's Midnight Suns comes in the form of the merc with the mouth, Deadpool himself.

The mercenary is poised to join the game on January 26, so there's not much longer to wait until you can take a new hero for a spin on the battlefield. Don't expect him to be quiet about it, though.

Even though the new addition isn't exactly on the same level as Thomas the Tank Engine, it'll still be a nice treat - even if we wished we could build a full team of trains. That's the real dream.

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