Resident Evil Modders Turn Lady Dimitrescu Into Thomas The Tank Engine

Resident Evil Modders Turn Lady Dimitrescu Into Thomas The Tank Engine

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Tom Chapman


8th May 2021 21:31

Capcom is on the wrong "track", as Resident Evil Village players have modded the game and turned the towering Lady Dimitrescu into Thomas the Tank Engine. It seems that we're in the midst of a trend that as soon as any AAA game is released on PC, modders quickly add the childhood favourite into the mix. From Skyrim to Cyberpunk 2077, Thomas the Tank Engine is popping up everywhere. When it comes to the sheer terror or Village, things are somehow even scarier seeing this lil' locomotive merged with the villainous vamp. 

Despite Capcom bigging up Lady D's presence in Resident Evil Village, one of the title's few critiques is that she doesn't have that much of a part to play. Obviously no spoilers, but we suggest you make the most of her stalking you around the gilded hallways of Castle Dimitrescu with her massive talons. Dimitrescu is definitely one of the game's more imposing presences, but just imagine the horror of hearing a slow chug of an engine and the haunting melody of Thomas' iconic theme tune. Now, you don't have to. 


What is the Lady Dimitrescu and Thomas the Tank Engine mod?

When the extended Village demo was released, players wasted no time in adding Barney the Dinosaur into the mix, a playable version of Cassandra Dimitrescu, and a third-person mod to really channel those RE4 vibes. Still, the emergence of "Count Theodora" is something we'd never expected, and we're not sure that we'd want to see again.

Content creator Crazy Potato is behind the mod, and we've got to admit, we're equal parts horrified and a little in love with it. Accompanied by a slowed-down version of the cartoon's song, she appears with the body of Lady Dimitrescu and the haunting visage of Thomas. We don't want to go into the mechanics of how a 9'6" vampire can mate with a train, but to be honest, it doesn't even sound that weird for Resi game.

It's surprising just how well Lady Alcina DImitrescu suits having Thomas' face, and we'd love to see more Village characters undergo the transplant. Imagine the Village section where you're attacked by a horde of Thomas-faced werewolves. Or, how about seeing Mia Winters with a Thomas the Tank Engine face, take on Heisenberg with this look, or give series staple Chris Redfield a new look that the Fat Controller would be proud of? If you want to play as Count Theodora, simply download from Nexus Mods.


Are there more Resident Evil Village mods?

Resident Evil Village is officially out now, meaning the game is soon to be flooded with mods. At the moment, there's already a popular "Lady Wong" mod that replaces Lady D's face with Ada Wong to bring back the fan-favourite antihero. Another dresses the game's Duke in the Merchant costume from RE4. Finally, we've got a lot of time for the mod that gives Lady D a pair of "mommy glasses" for the ultimate femme fatale. Before the full game even released, modders found a way to remove the 60-minute time limit on the demo.

This isn't the first time Thomas has chugged his way inside the Umbrella Corporation. Both the 2019 Resident Evil 2 remake and last year's revamp of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis have modded him into their twisted tales, with Thomas replacing Mr. X and Nemesis. Now that the modding community has got its hands on the full game, we can't wait to see what creativity comes bleeding out of Village. How much longer until someone adds the Simpsons to the mix


Images via ITV | Crazy Potato YouTube

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