Notorious Apex Legends bug is back and bigger than ever

Notorious Apex Legends bug is back and bigger than ever
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25th May 2023 20:40

Someone really needs to call pest control over at Respawn Entertainment because, between an infestation of rats in the game and an outbreak of bugs, Apex Legends is suffering.

Apex players have already vocalised their thoughts on this new "ratting" approach to play in Ranked that has manifested from the uneven SR system in the leaderboards.

But now bugs and glitches are plaguing the experience even more, and one gravity-defying glitch has returned with a vengeance. 

Apex Legends' Gravity Glitch is back, again

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Unless you're playing as Horizon, gravity should be your friend, and your feet should be staying firmly planted on the floor of the map...for the most part.

But now, a notorious gravity glitch has been regurgitated from the unsettled bowels of Apex Legends and it's causing quite the raucous. Much like Call of Duty: Warzone was plagued by the gas glitch, gravity is causing havoc in Apex

The glitch involves gravity simply refusing to hold players down to the ground and physically levitating anyone into the air, which, if you're trying to duck for cover, is quite the nightmare.

Apex Legends players are freestyling with the gravity glitch

Anyone know what happened to my gravity? It was like this for half a game.
by u/joe-welly in apexlegends

The glitch has become so severe now, the original Reddit poster claimed that "Jump pads would let me jump across half the map," before joking that "A low-gravity LTM could be a lot of fun."

The user actually managed to use the glitch to their advantage by freestyling a Sentinel quickscope to the face of an enemy Octane which secured a kill in the most bizarre of manners.

According to the players in the comments section, it can be Valkyrie's boosters that cause the glitch, and if you change legends mid-game, it could cause an imbalance in how gravity treats you. Still, it's a worrying time for Apex Legends players, as some stability is more than yearned for, literally.

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