Nightclub Gets In Trouble For Holding Adult Final Fantasy 14 Night

Nightclub Gets In Trouble For Holding Adult Final Fantasy 14 Night
Square Enix

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Joseph Kime


6th Jul 2022 08:55

Final Fantasy has no doubt caught a lot of attention over the years - mostly for its gameplay and narratives. Also, it's garnered eyes for… other reasons.

It's nigh-on impossible to ignore at this stage, as Final Fantasy has practically led the charge on games rife for a Rule 34 overhaul, perhaps never spawning lewd content for the likes of Overwatch, League of Legends and even Animal Crossing without its influence. And now, it looks like a nightclub is trying to capitalise on the franchise's inherent sexiness, and it's getting in trouble for it.

Why Is A Nightclub Using A Final Fantasy Billboard?

Nightclub Gets In Trouble For Holding Adult Final Fantasy 14 Night
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DJ Potate

One nightclub is looking to present a digital rave across Final Fantasy XIV Online, and has used the game's characters in an effort to promote it. Even more intensely, though, they've been plastered on a series of billboards, with four of the giant ads appearing across California and Texas.

The owners of Rain Nightclubs, Revarious, have been caught out using modded outfits and the game's official logo to promote its night without the permission of Square Enix, and fans are jumping to the defence of the company.

DJ Potate, one of the DJs that will livestream the event, shared a picture of them in a now-deleted tweet posing in front of the billboard, and subsequently caught a lot of heat for it.


Fans React To Final Fantasy Billboard

Fans have clapped back at the billboard, angry that the club would use the game's logo without the permission of Square Enix, as well as using modded outfits, something that is explicitly banned. One disgruntled gamer fumed: "Legit went out of their way, paying literal THOUSANDS just to go get themselves banned and probably even sued.. while simultaneously and potentially pissing off Yoshi P etc even more with the modding in the game.. Screwing over everyone. People really can’t use their brain huh.."

It's a bit of a goof on Rain Nightclub's part, and they seem to have underestimated exactly how far fans are willing to go to defend the series, even on a legal front. Square Enix is sure to be drafting a letter at this very moment. It might be time for Rain to pack it up and give up on those steamy suggestions of an adult Final Fantasy XIV night.

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