New WarioWare Includes Zelda And Animal Crossing-Themed Mini-Games

New WarioWare Includes Zelda And Animal Crossing-Themed Mini-Games
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Joseph Kime


22nd Jun 2021 10:48

The latest title in the WarioWare series, Get It Together, perked up some heads at the Nintendo conference during this year’s E3. Nintendo is finally making a return to the cult-favourite micro-game collection, this time injecting some new elements into the title with new characters to play as who can manipulate each incredibly short mini-game in their own special ways. 

The new playstyle has divided fans, but one thing remains across the plateau of series fans - a new WarioWare is on the way, and that can’t be a bad thing.

Many players are excited to get back into the 9-volt area, a section of the game that puts forward a series of mini-games based on other Nintendo properties.

Previous games have included homages to the likes of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Super Mario Bros and Metroid Prime. It looks like Get It Together is putting forward a return to form, as some of the titles that are being referenced in the game have been revealed - in one way or another.

WarioWare Get It Together Boasts Zelda, Metroid And Animal Crossing Mini-Games

Some of these licenced mini-games were on display at the Nintendo Treehouse event after the E3 presentation, which saw some of the hosts of the Livestream play through some games. Nintendo is still being a little secretive about all of the games they’re paying homage to, but that’s no worry - as there are clues elsewhere to what games will appear in Get It Together. As for the Treehouse presentation, though, we got to see the hosts play through a Luigi’s Mansion game which demanded they find a hidden ghost, an Animal Crossing game that asks players to pop balloons in order to deliver a gift to Fauna, and an Ice Climber game that requires them to… well, climb.

They’re quirky looking mini-games, but these aren’t the only mini-games we can expect from the game. In fact, it’s hardly scratching the surface. 

Get It Together’s World Map Reveals More Nintendo Mini-Games

It’s not just the Treehouse that reveals a sum of mini-games for Get It Together - the world map of the game seems to imply some more mini-games based on other Nintendo properties. Peeking at some of the areas, we can see mini-games based on Splatoon, Super Metroid, Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Super Mario Bros. There’s also reference to Super Mario Land in the game’s trailer, and a hint at a mini-game based on the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild hidden in the box art of the game too.

WarioWare Get It Together Has Zelda, Metroid And Animal Crossing Mini-Games
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The game looks rife with eclectic references to the different worlds of Nintendo and looks to be a great party title for Nintendo fans of all kinds. WarioWare is back in full force, and we couldn’t be happier about it.


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