Back 4 Blood DLC Is Accessible To Full Squad As Long As One Player Owns It

Back 4 Blood DLC Is Accessible To Full Squad As Long As One Player Owns It
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Joseph Kime


15th Jun 2021 16:28

Back 4 Blood has a lot riding on it. The spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series carries its predecessor’s reputation wholeheartedly, and judging by the gameplay teasers we’ve seen so far, it’s for good reason.

The series has had dedicated fans continue to mod old games even in recent years in an attempt to extend the experience, but now as a new game is on the way, it’s clear that many players are excited. It might be an exclusive title for Xbox and PC, but that won’t keep developers from wanting as many fans playing it as possible. And as they’ve announced a new feature for the game, it’s clear that many will be able to play it without even paying for it.

Back 4 Blood Multiplayer Only Requires One Copy Of The Game

Over the weekend, Turtle Rock studios have explained how the new PvP mode will work. It’s a mode that sees one group of players as human characters holding off against zombies (referred to in-game as “ridden”), and the other group taking control of the undead. But, to go with this, there’s a new addition to the way the game will work for players who have purchased post-game content, and those who haven’t.

It’s been revealed that as long as one player in a squad has purchased post-game content, whether it be maps, modes or campaign content, everyone else in the party will be able to put them to use.

Back 4 Blood DLC Is Exceptionally Accessible
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In a direct update, Turtle Rock has expressed how this works; “In PVE, if your party leader owns a paid content drop, you will be able to play that content with them - including maps, gameplay and campaign. No separation, No exclusion. No split.”

It’s a refreshing attitude to post-launch DLC, and one that is clearly putting the player first. We’re glad to see Turtle Rock take this on - and hopefully, it’ll inspire other devs to do the same.

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