Guardians Of The Galaxy Fans Furious At New Gameplay Footage

Guardians Of The Galaxy Fans Furious At New Gameplay Footage

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Joseph Kime


14th Jun 2021 12:24

First, it was Marvel’s Spider-Man, then Marvel’s Avengers, and now Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy that have brought the post-MCU worlds of Marvel characters to consoles.

There’s no doubt that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had an enormous effect on these intellectual properties, as while Spider-Man has been recognisable for many years, it’s only now that a game helmed by Ms Marvel can be a lucrative success (critical attention aside) thanks to the movie world’s input. Now, as announced at E3, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy seeks to continue the lineage of Avengers’ gameplay and story style. Boasting everyone’s favourite space-faring dysfunctional family and gameplay that seems to have learned some lessons from the last game in the series, the game should be an immediate source of optimism, right? Well, a few prospective players seem to think otherwise.

Fans React To Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Gameplay Footage

Fans Are Divided Over Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Gameplay Trailer
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Some fans are, naturally, incredibly excited about the game that will put them in the driver’s seat of the Milano and make the galaxy their oyster. The news editor at IGN especially seems excited;

But, some players are a little more sceptical. There are a few complaints concerning the game, but most notable is that players will only play as Star-Lord for the game’s story. With a whole host of characters in the Guardians team, many are disappointed with the fact they’ll play as the only human character.

Some players are concerned for streamers - much like the MCU films, the ‘80s soundtrack will play a large part in developing the game’s world, with it even becoming a game mechanic in this title. Players are afraid of being DMCA’d if they choose to stream the game;

The game so far is a controversial one. Many players are excited to hop into Star-Lord’s shoes, whereas many others are concerned not enough lessons have been learned from Marvel’s Avengers. Either way, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is storming onto consoles this year, so we won’t have long to wait and see if Eidos Montreal can pull the title off.

Images via Eidos Montreal

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