Castlevania Fans Furious At Konami's Latest Announcement

Castlevania Fans Furious At Konami's Latest Announcement
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Joseph Kime


6th Jan 2022 15:06

Castlevania is one of the truest classics. The title was iconic enough to contribute to its own gaming genre, offering itself to half of Metroidvania, and has since influenced hundreds of games since the series' inception.

And now, as the franchise's anniversary is just around the corner, fans have been hoping for a big exciting reveal for the title's future. Well, they got an announcement - but it certainly wasn't what they wanted.

Konami Announces 'Memorial' Castlevania NFT Collection

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Here we go again. To commemorate the arrival of Castlevania's 35th anniversary, Konami has unveiled a collection of themed NFTs set to go to auction… for some reason.

The NFTs feature screengrabs and gifs of gameplay from the classic titles, and are going to auction on opensea.

This is an incredibly bizarre way to celebrate the anniversary of the game series, in a very thinly veiled attempt to make money without having to actually provide anything of value to fans. Fans have reacted to this announcement, though, and it's safe to say they're not happy.

Fans React To Terrible Castlevania NFTs

Fans have responded to the launch of this bizarre anniversary celebration, and it's safe to say they're not best pleased.

Gaming news aggregator Nibellion tweeted the news that the NFTs were coming, and fans sounded off in the replies with disdain.



Konami is currently suffering a similar fate as many other gaming companies trying to introduce non-fungible tokens to their games - an absolute lambasting on social media.

It's a pretty embarrassing reaction to such an iconic game's anniversary, and proof that Konami isn't above the opportunity to make some money with as little effort as possible. Here's hoping that Metal Gear's anniversary later this year isn't met with the same idea.


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