New Apex Legends Ranked Update Makes It Easier To Become A Predator

New Apex Legends Ranked Update Makes It Easier To Become A Predator
Respawn Entertainment

Written by 

Jack Marsh


17th Jun 2022 15:39

Becoming an Apex Legends Predator is no easy feat, nor is achieving any rank in the current climate of the battle royale, as heavy resets and costly buy-ins often hinder progression without serious patience.

With Apex Legends Season 13 bringing around a range of changes to the ranked play, including kill RP values, entry costs, and ranked tier demotions, the developers haven't quite got it right.

Dubbed "Ranked Reloaded", Respawn Entertainment has divided the community with their changes, with some players welcoming a much-needed refresh, and others believing the system is now way too hard to maintain their leaderboard position, never mind progress.

More Apex Legends Ranked Changes Incoming

Coming to Apex Legends alongside the Awakening collection event, new ranked balances are being deployed that will make scaling the ladder much easier. 

Ranked Reloaded saw entry costs be increased in all ranks, which halted progression, and now the devs are reversing the decision and decreasing the RP entry cost for each rank by 10.

Respawn is also scaling back on the rank reset, which normally spurs players back by six divisions, making it a gruelling climb back to Predator - or wherever you sit. Now, players will only be cast back four divisions, making it much easier to get back to where you belong.


Season 13 Updates Add Doc Buffs To Finally Make Lifeline Good 

Piling on top of the ranked changes comes an array of legends modifications, although Lifeline's changes come as the most welcomed.

In much need of some love after being the most popular legend once upon a time, Lifeline has since been eclipsed by the likes of Gibraltar, Newcastle, and Mirage, all of whom have abilities that overlap Lifeline. However, the new patch finally buffs Lifeline's kit drastically, finally making her viable in the grind through the ranks.

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The Doc healing drone will now have unlimited health - meaning it cannot be destroyed - as well as having an increased radius that allows for more manoeuvring for legends getting a nice health shot. Other changes such as removing the blue beam from Lifeline's car packages (until the package lands), make her less of a prey for Predators, and a useful asset for the team.

Whether or not Lifeline will reclaim her must-need medic role on top-tier Apex Predator lobbies is yet to be seen, but at least you won't be punished too hard for giving her a whirl again.

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